Primal Heat(Wild Lake Wolves Book 3)(70)

By: Kimber White

I took a breath and closed my eyes, stretching my mind and heart out. I felt the Bas’s steady pulse beating strong inside of me along with his love. I felt the others too. Strong, defiant Alec. Wise Seth. Young and rambunctious Aaron and Ben. Connor and Eli, my protectors. Sophisticated Curtis. Finn. Davis. Tobias. Fearless Callum. They were mine. I was theirs. My pack. My heart.

I looked down at Bas. My love.

“I think it’s time,” I whispered.

He smiled and cocked his head to the side. “Already? Do you think you’re up for it? You’ve had a day.”

I nodded. “Now more than ever.”

Bas arched his back, pressing himself into me even deeper. My sex throbbed. My heart hammered inside of me. Bas was heat and light. Desire and life. He was mine and I was his.

He sat up and moved my hair away from my neck. He licked me once, his skillful tongue edging the mark he’d made. But now, tonight, he’d make it even deeper. Sealing my connection to him. Making it stronger. As I thrust my hips against him, Bas sank his teeth into the mark, drawing blood and pain for a fraction of a second. Then, blossoming pleasure.

The pain was gone. From my shoulder. From my heart. My soul filled with Bas’s love and the strength of the pack. As he marked me a second time, my eyes caught the light of the moon. There on the ridge to the north of the lodge, bathed in silhouette, were eleven strong wolves. I cried out Bas’s name as the pack’s howls rent the air.

As I crested down, warmth flooded my heart, and I knew where I belonged.


A Note from Kimber White

Thank you so much for coming along for the ride with Abby and Bas. Writing their story was such a blast for me. Er . . except the part where Abby’s journey gave me flashbacks about my own first year law student days. Sure, I didn’t have to deal with a murderous, vengeful rogue werewolf wanting me dead, but Civil Procedure I and Contracts? Horrifying, you guys!

About half way through this book, I pretty much feel in love with Alec. He was one of those characters that came out of nowhere for me. Um . . . and then when I finished Primal Heat and started giving him my full attention? {fans self} Anyway, Alec’s book is next and it’s called Savage Moon. Kane still needs a reckoning after his naughty deeds and Alec’s inner-Alpha is ready to rise up and take charge! That is if he can figure out how to control himself around Kane’s sexy, sassy dark haired mate. Let’s just say she’s more than Alec’s match. You can catch Alec’s story in Savage Moon. Click here for more information.

If you’re new to the shifters of Wild Lake, you can find out some of the things Bas was up to before Abby rocked his world in Dark Wolf. He’s also got a part in my companion series, Claimed by the Pack which kicks off with The Alpha’s Mark.

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