Pretend Daddy(83)

By: Amy Brent

Knowing exactly what I wanted, she leaned back until her back was flat against my desk and brought her hands to tease her nipples. The sight of her playing with herself brought so many wonderful memories that fueled my need even more. Bringing her legs flush with my chest, I rolled my hips harder, pushing myself even deeper inside of her.

Jessica called my name and a light sheen of sweat formed on my skin as I pounded her harder and harder until her walls tightened against my cock and my balls became hard and heavy as cement. I could feel an orgasm coming, and I knew it would be the best one I had ever had, which was why I wanted to share it with her. I wanted her to feel as good and loved and special as I felt when I was with her.

“Look at me, baby,” I said in a tone that was a lot like begging.

Opening those gorgeous green eyes, Jessica looked at me. The emotion mixed with the rare pleasure in them was overwhelming, and exactly what I needed to finally give myself to the pleasure she coaxed out of me.

Holding her gaze and holding her tightly, I pushed myself in and out of her once more. I moaned her name as my cock exploded, filling her with the warm seed of my orgasm. As I filled her with my load, Jessica shivered and found yet another orgasm. Her fingers reached for mine, and we held on to each other as tight as we could as we rode out pleasure.

We stayed tangled and connected for the longest time. Bent over her, I kissed her face, mouth, neck and every other inch of her skin I could reach while she softly sang the happy birthday song. The tenderness of the moment was oddly sweet considering the wild fuckery that had just happened, but I liked it. Actually, no. I didn’t like it, I loved it, and I desperately wanted to tell her that I loved this moment and her.

But I couldn’t tell her. At least not yet.

So, I did the one thing I could. I kissed her with all the passion and emotion contained in my heart, and started our sexy celebration all over again.

***The End***

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