Pretend Daddy(2)

By: Amy Brent

“No, baby. It’s my motto that the only thing important enough to interrupt a good fuck is death,” I stated as I removed my fingers from her center and glided my hands across her soft, olive skin. Then, in a low and decided tone, I added, “Since we’re both very much alive, the only thing I need right now is you on all fours.”

A full on sexy smile curled on her lips as she quickly followed my command and got into position. Ignoring the annoying noise, I crawled across the huge bed and positioned myself behind her. The sight of her ass propped up in the air like that was so enticing I couldn’t help but touch her. Placing my open palms on the soft skin of her ass cheeks, I squeezed and opened them as I put the tip of my rock-hard cock at her opening.

I kneaded her flesh and moved my hips in baby pulses against her, spearing her with my shaft just a little bit more every time before pulling back out. She was so wet, and I was so caught in the moment that I only realized that my phone had stopped ringing when her moans started to sound unchallenged around me.

Then, she looked over her shoulder at me and begged, “C’mon, baby. Fuck me like you mean it.”

My smirk doubled in size as I looked down at her golden eyes and slowly started pushing myself all the way inside. In a tone that was almost menacing, I asked, “Is that really what you want? For me to fuck you like I mean it?”

A spark shone in her eyes, and I knew I had made the right choice when I approached her at the hotel bar earlier that night. She was just as wild as I was, which told me that my already fun night was about to turn memorable.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I want,” she replied in a sexy whisper as I pulled myself out of her.

As soon as those words were out of her mouth, I smiled, grabbed her by the hip and slammed into her with every ounce of desire and stamina I had. She moaned, but before the sound was completely out of her lips, I rose my hand and slapped her firm, round ass which turned the sound into a delicious groan.

Waiting at her entrance for just a second, I looked at her in search of any sort of objection but saw only an approving smirk. Propelled by that, I dug my fingers into her skin a little deeper and started a satisfying cycle of pounding and spanking until her ass was a lovely shade of pink and my body was wound so tight with an approaching orgasm I thought I would explode.

The build-up started growing, my heart started pounding, and the room was filled with the sexiest sounds known to men. Then, as I felt her tighten around and my cock pulse with the prelude of my orgasm, my damned phone started ringing again.

A loud groan bubbled up from my chest as I forced myself to zoom out the sound and focused only on the delicious sensation bursting through every nerve cell in my body. As she cried something that vaguely resembled my name, I pulled out of her and stroke my cock until her ass was completely coated with my seed.

With my eyes closed, I tuned out the ringing phone, her loud cries and everything else until only the numbing pleasure pumping in my veins remained. The sensation was heavenly and exactly what I needed after a week packed with traveling and boring meetings.

Once my mind was clear and my feelings had returned, I opened my eyes to a silent room and my little brunette devil laying on her stomach with a sated smile on her lips and her golden eyes on me. “Mind getting me something to clean that mess up?” she asked in a playful tone.

“Actually, I do,” I said with a raised brow. “I think you should stay that way until you get home. Remember where I’ve been and what I’ve done.”

A soft chuckle bubbled up from her chest, and she lightly shook her head. “If you think I’ll need that to remember you by, you probably weren’t in the same fuck I was. It was memorable, and I’ll remember it forever.”

With my ego sufficiently boosted, I chuckled, gave her a kiss on the lips and got up to get her a wet washcloth from the bathroom.

“Are you going to be in town much longer?” she asked in a hopeful tone as I returned to the bedroom of my penthouse suite.

I pulled in a deep breath but tried to keep my smile as steady as possible as I approached her with the washcloth in hand. From the moment I started talking to her at that bar, I knew this conversation would happen. Regardless of age, color or profession, the common denominator of every woman I’ve ever bedded was that they always wanted more.

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