Pretend Daddy

By: Amy Brent


Over and over, Jessica called my name as I continued to pleasure her. The despair in her voice and the shivers in her legs told me she was close to an orgasm, but I wasn’t done yet. I had told her that once she was mine, we would have fun with her ass and I had meant it. For this to be the orgasm she compared every other to, as I wanted it to be, I would have to give her every ounce of pleasure her body could endure.

Pulling my lips away from her pussy for a moment, I looked up at her flushed face and ordered, “I want you to play with your nipples and don’t stop or close your legs until I tell you, okay?”

“Yes . . .” Jessica moaned in desperation and quickly clamped her fingers around her nipples. “Just keep going, please . . . I’m so close, Ben.”

A smirk curled up on my lips.

“Hush, baby,” I said as I pulled my index finger from her center and replaced it with the pinky of my other hand. I pumped the smaller finger inside her a few times to coat it in her juices and added, “Daddy will take care of you,”

Chapter 1 — Ben

My groans filled the room like a perfect echo of how good the blow job had been. The brunette who was currently licking my cock clean was young, wild and hot—my three favorite traits in a woman. In addition to that, she had a mouth built like a vacuum cleaner, and though that would normally be enough to remedy a stressful week, tonight I required something a bit more potent to relieve my tension.

Pressing my lips against hers in a passionate kiss, I slid my hands down her tits, ribs, and waist, until my fingers found the fleshy curve of her hips. Tightening my grip on her skin, I pulled her off me and tossed her backward into the mattress.

A gasp passed through her lips and, for a moment, I thought she might complain about my roughness. To my surprise and delight, she didn’t. In fact, she gave me a wicked smile as she propped herself on her elbows and brazenly parted her knees giving me an unobstructed view of her massive tits and shaved pussy.

My mouth watered at her brazen invitation. Although I couldn’t remember her name and knew I wouldn’t be able to recall her face tomorrow, her attitude would forever be engraved in my brain, and I wanted to make sure that once she left this hotel room, I would be branded in her mind as well.

With my eyes locked with hers, I crawled to the middle of the king size bed where she was waiting. Her chest rose and fell with anticipation and my cock pulsed in the same cadence. Once she was within reach, I grabbed one of her feet and brought her ankle to my lips.

She moaned and sighed and whispered my name as I kissed, licked and nibbled my way up her leg. The closer I got to her center, the louder the sounds became and soon they were reverberating through the walls like the sexiest soundtrack ever composed. Still holding her gaze, I pushed my tongue out of my mouth just enough to touch her folds.

The sweet taste of her juices was enticing and urged me to go faster than what I had originally planned. Before I knew it, I was eating her like a starving man at a feast. Her moans were loud, her hands fisted my hair and mine found their way to her center.

“Oh, shiiiit!” she cried as I pushed one and then two fingers inside her pussy.

As my fingers fucked their way in and out of her body, my mouth drifted upward to her clit. Another delighted cry exited her mouth as my lips and tongue started to circle and pleasure the little nub. She clawed at my back and begged me not to stop with a desperation that fueled my desire—and my cock—to an uncomfortable level. All I wanted at that moment was to feel her come in my mouth and then fill her, once more, with my pleasure.

When that sweet moment finally arrived, her cries filled the room, and her juices did the same to my mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the exquisite victory of bringing a gorgeous woman to a second orgasm and the incredible anticipation of what was to come.

That precious moment, however, was tainted by the annoying ringing of my cell phone. With fire in my eyes, I turned my gaze to the nightstand where the offending noise was coming from.

“You need to get that?” my delicious bedmate asked in a raspy, sexy tone.

Her question made a sideways smirk form in my lips as I pulled my gaze from away from the stupid device and focused all of my attention on her.