Please Daddy(8)

By: Maggie Ryan

“You could have caught a cold out in the snow—”

“No, I wasn’t outside long enough for—”

The moment his palm cracked against her right buttock, her protest ended. With the imprint of his hand, each individual finger painted in red against her pale flesh, he continued. “If you are running a fever, it will not keep you from receiving your spanking, but it might require a change in our vacation plans. I am going to take your temperature now and several additional times until I am satisfied that you aren’t becoming ill.”

She whimpered, her bottom clenching at his words. “Please…please, Daddy. Not there.”

“Not where?” he asked, not needing an answer but knowing requiring one would help her accept the proper mindset of her role.

“Oh, Daddy, please don’t make me say.”

A matching handprint bloomed on her left buttock. “You will answer any questions I ask you, little girl. Now, use your words and tell Daddy where this thermometer is going to go.”

She gave a little sob but he knew it was from embarrassment and not pain. His little one had a hard time voicing certain things and those pertaining to her body always caused her to hesitate. “My…my hei…heinie hole,” she finally managed, stuttering the words he’d taught her were proper for his little girl to say. Her head turned back, her eyes welling with tears of humiliation, the trembling of her bottom lip more frantic. “Ple…please, Daddy, it’s too embarrassing. Please put it in my mouth.” Her shaky voice, her uttered plea told him his precious little girl had completely driven the attorney from this moment.

“No, Coco. Naughty little girls don’t get to decide where their daddy takes their temperature. Daddies make the decisions and, young lady, this thermometer doesn’t go between a good little girl’s lips.” He paused as his cock twitched at the image of those sweet trembling lips, imagining them parting to wrap around his shaft. Ignoring the erotic image, he concentrated on the task at hand.

“No, this is the thermometer that Daddy is going to push into your heinie hole before he spanks your naughty bottom until it is as hot as those logs in the fireplace.” Shaking down the thermometer, he watched as her head fell forward, a soft cry given as he used the fingers of one hand to spread the globes of her ass apart to expose her puckered little hole. It too was clenching with both the embarrassing exposure as well as the knowledge that it was soon to be invaded. He swirled the tip of the glass tube into the jar of lubricant, coating it with a large dollop of the emollient before placing it against her anus. The sound of her sharp inhale didn’t deter him in the least. Pressing the thermometer past the tight ring of muscle he said, “Don’t clench, and don’t move. I don’t want to lose the tube inside your little hole. Be very still for Daddy.”

Though there was absolutely no chance he’d ever lose the tube, he knew the mere possibility would freeze his girl in place. Yes, her little cheeks would continue to clench, and her whimpers would continue to waft on the air, but her bottom would remain still until he, and only he, decided to remove the tube. With her as immobile as a statue, he pressed the thick thermometer past the second ring of muscle.

“See, no need to be scared. Your heinie hole is swallowing the thermometer just fine.” How he adored hearing her soft little gasps of humiliation at his use of the words that caused both her face to flush and her tummy to twist at the knowledge that she, a twenty-six-year-old woman, was across her husband’s knees in front of a bank of floor to ceiling windows in a lavishly-furnished penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park. Instead of enjoying an evening cocktail, clothed in some designer’s newest collection, she was completely nude except for the little girl panties at her knees and having her temperature taken anally. He pulled the tube almost free of her passage before sliding it in again as if to demonstrate his point. Repeating the process, he heard her little whimpers change to soft moans. Regardless of her protests that she hated any attention to that specific portion of her anatomy, her buttocks finally relaxed, and with her anus loosening its tight grip, he slid the tube in fully until only enough remained to hold between his fingers. “There, that wasn’t bad, was it?”

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