Please Daddy(5)

By: Maggie Ryan

“Um, Daddy?”


“You forgot to pull my panties up.”

“I didn’t forget. Sitting on your bare bottom and looking down at your panties will remind you that you’ve been a naughty girl.” When she started to tug on her skirt and coat, he shook his head. “No, Coco. Keep your clothes up and your eyes down.”

Her nether cheeks were chilled sitting on the cool leather but her facial cheeks heated at his order. Pulling her clothing back to her waist, she stared down at the panties.

“As you sit there, I want you to think about what is going to happen when we get home. Think about how Daddy is going to give you a very hard spanking until your cheeks are as red as the words across your panties.” He paused, and she saw his lips quirk as he added, “And, of course, you won’t be cold any longer as your bottom will be very, very hot. Isn’t that what happens to naughty girls who don’t listen to their daddies?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Despite the fact that she knew she’d be blubbering before he allowed her off his lap or up from the chair or bed he’d instruct her to bend over, she felt that tingling in her tummy again. God, what would Paul and her associates think seeing her now? Her clothing at her waist, her innocent looking panties visible, her bare bottom pressed against the leather? Her gaze drifted to the rear-view mirror to see Harrison smiling and giving a small shake of his head as if to say he was in total agreement with his employer’s decision. Blushing hotly, she dropped her eyes and took deep breaths, preparing herself for when they arrived home.

Chapter Two

Dalton held his wife’s hand as they walked towards their building. He’d seen her flushed face when the car had stopped, and she’d not yet been given permission to lower her clothing. While she was so easily embarrassed worrying that anyone glancing inside the car could see that she was on display, he knew the tinted glass made that unlikely but also understood it was a very effective tool in reminding his girl that being naughty wasn’t a good choice. Once Harrison had opened the door, Dalton reached across the space, pulled her panties into place, and lowered her skirt, not the least bit surprised to see the look of intense relief on his little one’s face. She might be grateful now but he knew the flush and squirming would begin again in just a short amount of time.

“Good evening,” the uniformed doorman said, pulling the door open. “I’m glad to see you wearing your coat, Miss Colette.”

“Thank you, Mr. Porter,” Colette said, avoiding Dalton’s eyes, evidently knowing that he understood the comment could only mean that the older man had also worried about her lack of proper outerwear.

They rode the elevator up and exited on their floor. Living in the penthouse allowed the doors to slide open in their foyer. It was here that Dalton went into full blown Daddy mode. Pulling the panties out of his pocket that he’d removed from her earlier, he held them out. “You know where these go, I’m sure.” Her face flushed as she accepted the panties, having to stand on her tiptoes in order to hang them on the hook by the closet door. The action allowed her to understand that her naughtiness would be on display in more ways than one. He turned her to face him, reversing his actions earlier to unbutton and pull the belt free of her overcoat. Once it was off, he held it out and nodded towards the closet.

“Hang up your coat.”

“Yes, sir.” Colette opened the door and soon had completed the task. Turning back, she asked, “Do you want me to hang up yours, Daddy?”

“No, I want you to close the door, please.” He could see her confusion, and yet she obeyed. “Now, open the door, remove your coat and put it on.”

“But I just—”

He didn’t have to speak, his silence and expression making it clear that he expected his instruction to be obeyed. With a soft sigh, she did as instructed and he nodded.

“Care to guess how long that took you?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know? Thirty seconds?”

Dalton shook his head. “Try five.” He paused to give a significant glance to the elevator door behind him before returning his gaze to her. She was a highly intelligent woman, and he wasn’t surprised to see her confusion clear.

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