Please Daddy(3)

By: Maggie Ryan

“You’re welcome,” Dalton said, turning her around in order to button it up and tie the belt around her waist. His tone was conciliatory but judging by the look in his eyes, she knew that he was truly only concerned with warming one particular portion of her anatomy.

The thought had her tummy flipping and her words pouring out despite her resolve to remain mute. “Goodness, can you believe this weather? Who knew it would start to snow?”

Dalton’s quirked eyebrow had her face heating. Digging her hole deeper wasn’t helping so she turned to her partner. “Thank you, Paul,” Colette said in her most grown-up voice. “I’ll see you in a few days.”

“Sure thing. Have a great time, you two. You can tell me all about the fun you had when you get back.” He gave her a hug, and took a couple of steps before turning back to say, “Stay warm.”

Not about to assure him her husband would make sure she was warm, Colette just nodded before turning to Dalton. She looked up, way up, as Dalton was four inches over six feet, unable to contain a shudder despite the warm coat she now wore.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be cold for long.”

“So we are going to some tropical island?” she asked, giving him the sweetest smile she could conjure. Perhaps cuteness would soften the look on his face.

He chuckled and released her hand only to place his palm against her lower back as they approached the car. “It’s a surprise but I guarantee you’ll be wishing our destination was the Artic Circle by the time I’ve finished blistering your behind for not obeying me this morning. You know perfectly well that I instructed you to take your coat. Pretending otherwise is as good as telling a lie.”

So much for cute, she thought. “But, Dalton, I was in a rush and…Ow!” She squealed when his huge palm connected twice, rapidly and quite audibly against her behind. “Please, Paul might see—”

“If you were concerned about your partner discovering what happens to a naughty girl who disregards her daddy’s instruction, you should have obeyed me.”

Colette flushed and was very glad to see Paul turning the corner where the underground parking garage was located. Her relief was short lived with Dalton’s next words. “Of course, Paul is an astute man so the fact that you grabbed your behind the moment you saw me exiting the car might be all the evidence he needs to figure out the consequence of your attempt at innocence.”

Swallowing hard, she felt her face flood with more heat with the realization that her automatic response had evidently not gone unnoticed after all. Had that been the reason for Paul’s funny little grin when he opened the lobby door? Did he know how her husband intended to warm her? Seeing Harrison with a smile of his own, knowing he’d have to be deaf not to have heard the embarrassing exchange, she had no response and climbed into the interior of the car. Dalton followed her in and settled on the leather seat as Harrison closed the door.

“I’d planned on us having a nice dinner and then giving you a bubble bath before tucking you into bed early so that you’d be nice and rested for our trip.”

“Oh, that sounds wonderful.” The moment the words were out of her mouth, Dalton’s eyebrow quirked yet again, causing her to squirm. “I’m really sorry,” she said, the tone of her voice changing to one not a soul who’d ever heard her argue a case before a jury would have recognized.

“I’m sorry too,” Dalton said.

She wasn’t stupid and knew exactly what to expect, and he confirmed it with his next words.

“Unfortunately, your naughtiness has not only changed my plan but requires the change of something else. Tell me, Coco, do you know what that is?”

Hearing the diminutive form of her name was the final step necessary to have her slip from the role of Dalton’s wife to that of his special little one. Fear that her decision to ignore his order had just cost her more than a tender bottom, she felt her eyes well. “Please, Daddy, please don’t change our vacation plans. I’ve been so excited about going, and I promise I’ll be the best little girl ever!”

Dalton reached for her, pulling her onto his lap. “Shh, that’s not what needs changing,” he said, giving her a hug before a hand dropped to pat against her bottom. “I’m talking about what’s beneath your big-girl skirt.”

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