Please Daddy(10)

By: Maggie Ryan

“You are not to ignore Daddy,” Dalton lectured, easily covering her bottom’s surface with four rapidly delivered strokes.

“You are not to ignore others who care for you.” Another four strokes, another four distinct wails filled the room. “And, young lady, you are never…” Smack! “Ever…” Smack! “To even think about lying to your Daddy!” Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“I’m sorry!” she screamed, her hands leaving the chair legs to flutter behind her only to be instantly taken and pinned to the small of her back to keep them safe from injury.

He had no doubt that her rather loudly proclaimed apology was filled with sincerity…just as it was every single time she found herself over her daddy’s knees, bent over a chair or lying over pillows piled on their bed. It didn’t take but two more smacks before he heard the next line in her litany.

“I’ll never do it again, I pro…promise!”

“I hope not but know that if you do, Daddy will never fail to spank you until your bottom is hot and raw. Are we clear?”

“Ye…yes, Daddy! I-I’ll be a go…good girl.”

Colette was already a good girl. She was the very best girl he could have ever dreamed of. But she was also a naughty girl with a husband, a Daddy, who would make it his duty to remind her that when she misbehaved, her bottom would pay a painful price. Another round of the painful strokes to the backs of her thighs, a final, solid smacking swat to each of her sit spots, a final set of wails cried to the ceiling, and the paddling was done. He allowed her to hang limply over his thigh, her tears dripping onto the Persian rug for a moment before he lifted her to stand between his knees.

Wisps of her hair, turned a dark gold with her tears, clung to her cheeks. Pulling his handkerchief from his pocket, he held it to her nose and instructed her to blow. When her nose was clear, tears still sliding down her cheeks, he bent to kiss her forehead. He reached for the panties that had traveled further down her legs with each frantic kick to now hang off her right ankle. With a slight tug, they came free to leave her clothed in nothing but a coat of scarlet that glowed from the top of her buttocks down the backs of her thighs attesting to the fact that he’d done exactly as the panties lying on the floor had requested. Standing, he lifted her in his arms, her legs automatically going to wrap around his waist, her arms around his neck. She gave a soft cry burying her face in his neck as he patted her sore bottom. Dalton crossed the living room and continued down the long hall until he stood next to the king sized bed. He set her down and when she instantly knelt up with a slight hiss of pain, he shook his head, a slight smile on his lips.

“Naughty girl. Sit properly on your little bottom.”

“It burns, Daddy!”

“Let that burn remind you to be a good girl while you perform your penance. Unless, of course, you want another spanking?”

As quick as a flash, her legs came out to drape over the edge of the bed, her punished posterior flat, the scarlet flesh a beautiful spot of color against the ink black of the duvet. Her face flushed as she looked up at him, watching as he unzipped his pants.

Removing his cock from its confinement, he fisted it in his hand, stroking down its length before stepping closer to the bed.

“Open, tongue out,” he instructed. Once her sweet little tongue was properly presented, he laid the head of his cock on its surface. “Wording something so that it isn’t a total lie, still shows intent to lie. That’s what you did when talking about what a surprise it was that the weather had changed, isn’t it?”

“Eth, Addie.” Though her answer was garbled, her open mouth keeping her from being able to move her tongue properly, he understood her.

“Girls who use their mouths to even begin to lie to their daddies offer their penance using their lips and tongue, don’t they?”

“Eth, Addie.”

“That’s right. Keep your heinie flat on the bed. Let its ache remind you why you are making your penance. Wiggle about, lift your bottom or failing to do a proper job and, little girl, my belt comes off. Understood?”

A last, “Eth, Addie,” came before he took a final step, his movement pushing his cock into her mouth, coming to rest at the back of her throat. Holding himself there, he saw her eyes begin to water, and yet her bottom didn’t move a single centimeter. He pulled back until the bulbous shaped head was again resting on her tongue.

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