Play With Me (With Me In Seattle)(105)

By: Kristen Proby

I find her in the guest room again, going through that same box from earlier.

“What are you looking at?” I ask her and lean against the door jam. She looks so young, sitting there on the floor in my old jersey and her black yoga pants, hair pulled up in a ponytail and no makeup.

“I found these pictures that Nat took of me when we were in college.” She thumbing through the photos, and I frown in confusion, and then it hits me. Natalie takes naked pictures.

Naked pictures of Megan.

“Show me.” I push away from the door and lower myself to the floor behind her, my legs on either side of her and pull her against my chest, her sexy ass snuggled up against my groin.

And then my world stands still.

The photos are black and white. Meg is holding her guitar, and not wearing a stitch of clothing.

“Holy hell,” I mutter as she shuffles through them slowly. There must be two dozen of them, Meg in different poses with that guitar. Her hair is down, framing her face. She was slimmer then, in the way women are when their bodies are changing from being a teen into a woman. I much prefer her rounder breasts and hips now, but damn, even then she was a knock out.

“How old were you?” I ask.

“Nineteen,” she replies shyly, looking at the photos.

She comes to the last one. She’s sitting cross-legged on a bed covered in white sheets that have been messed up. Her arms are wrapped around the guitar, and it’s covering her completely, but it’s the sexiest photo of the bunch. Her face is sober, her wide eyes staring into the camera, and she’s biting her bottom lip.

“Can I keep that one?” I ask.

“Sure. You can keep them all.”

“Really?” I run my hands up and down her arms and kiss her neck, just below her ear. I’m sure she can feel how much these photos have turned me on.

“I don’t need them.” She leans into me and turns her sweet face to me. I run my fingers down her cheek and kiss her nose, her dimple and then her lips.

“You are beautiful, Megan. Then and even more so now.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

“I’m glad you’re here, in our home with me.”

She smiles widely, her eyes happy, and I will do whatever it takes to keep that happiness there for the rest of her life.

“Me too. Can we get naked now?”

“I thought you’d never ask, sweetheart.”


The With Me In Seattle series continues in book four, Leo and Samantha’s story, ROCK WITH ME, to be released in May, 2013.


As always, I have a long list of people to thank.

First to my husband, for being patient and supportive of this amazing job of mine. I love you.

To my family. Thank you for loving me so completely.

To the best brainstorming partner and the sharer of long hours of sipping wine while we laugh and chat, Nicole Brightman. You are awesome, full of great ideas, and you just get me. I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you for sharing your imaginary people with me, and for loving mine, too.

To Lori, Tanya, Holly, Nichole and Kara: you are the best beta readers EVER and I love you to bits!

To my sprinting buddies, A.L. Jackson, Molly McAdams and Rebecca Shea. You guys inspire me every single day. Thank you for being such amazing friends and for sharing your talents with me.

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To Renae Porter for your great talent. Thank you for producing yet another stellar cover.

To the many, many bloggers who spend so much time and energy promoting my books, THANK YOU! Your generosity does not go unnoticed! You have my undying gratitude, every day.

And as always, to you, my friend. Thank you for reading this book. I hope you enjoyed it.

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