Perfectly Imperfect(8)

By: Harper Sloan

And next to him sat my sister, Ivy. His way of making sure this day was even more painful for me, and she most likely was all for making sure that was the case. We have never gotten along. Not even as children. She is the only person, besides Brad and my father, that is, who I might hate the most.

And sadly, I’ve played into her hand far too often. When I look over at my sister, I see everything I’m not. Everything she’s made sure to remind me that I never will be.

We may be sisters, but we’re also complete opposites in looks and personality.

Ivy, like me, is tall, but Ivy is also a product of the utmost beauty money can buy. Beauty she has no problem spending one hell of a pretty penny to maintain. It’s really a shame she couldn’t pay someone to fix her evil, black soul.

“Well, Mrs. Tate,” my lawyer starts while shuffling some of the papers around in front of him. “It looks as if everything is in order.” He hands his thick stack over to his partner and together they make sure everything is, in fact, in order.

I don’t speak.

My sister makes a noise deep in her throat that has me wondering if she’s choking on her tongue.

“Don’t you mean Ms.?” Brad retorts, venom dripping from each word.

My attorney clears his throat and looks at me with pity before addressing Brad. “Yes, my apologies, Mr. Tate. Slip of the tongue.”

“How long until we can take care of that issue?” Brad strangely requests, looking over at the other Mr. Buchanan.

“Take care of what issue exactly, Mr. Tate?” my attorney interjects.

My eyes move from my lawyer to Brad. His eyes flash in anger before he slams his fist on the polished wood causing my headache to pierce through my skull.

“How long until that woman can be rid of my name?”

That woman? Jesus. You would think I was some stranger and not the woman he married and pledged forever to.

“Excuse me?” I whisper harshly, trying not to vomit from the pressure of pain my head is bringing me.

“You heard me, Willow. You have no business with my name now that we are no longer married. I’ll be damned if I allow you to tarnish my family’s good name any longer. Especially now that I’m finally rid of you.”

Ivy snickers, and my gaze moves over to hers. Her thick black hair is pulled back so harshly in a tight bun that it looks like her scalp is about to peel right away at her hairline. There isn’t a single part of her that isn’t made up right now. But even with the amount of Botox she shoots into her face, I can still see the hate burning brightly in her gaze.

“Why exactly are you even here, Ivy?” I snap. God, it feels good to let out some of my anger.

Her evil little smirk, or at least I think it was a smirk, slips. Maybe she has gas. Her eyes twitch and I guess that’s her only way to narrow them since she can’t actually change her expression.

“You stupid little cow. I’m here because, unlike you, I belong on the arm of my Bradie-poo.”


I hear, without focusing on my attorney, him explaining to Brad that if I should desire to return to my maiden name, then it would be my decision and mine alone. I’m too busy holding Ivy’s gaze to pay attention. Brad grunts a few times, and I see both Mr. Buchanans move toward the door.

When the door final clicks shut, my eyes move from hers and I look at my ex.

“Do you really think you’re any match for Ivy, Willow? You need to see to that name correction so that the Tate family name can go to the right sister this time.”

I gasp and my eyes snap from his back to Ivy, who is doing her best Vanna impression to wave a giant—a lot bigger than my ring ever was—rock sitting pretty on her left ring finger.

“How long?” I question, not removing my gaze.

“You stupid girl,” Ivy snaps. “I was fucking your husband the day he realized he married the wrong sister. We might be related, but when you started to balloon up like a whale, he realized his mistake real quick.”

I don’t react. I refuse to give them anything else. Not a second more of my pain and damn sure none of my tears. I’m better than this.

“Feels good to have someone ride me without taking all the air from my body.” Brad snidely laughs.