Perfectly Imperfect(135)

By: Harper Sloan

Thank yous…

To my family. Always to my family. You love me even when I’m overcome with voices and locked away in the office. When I come out a few days later confused about the sun shining or what day it is, you still love me. To the late night dance parties in my office while I work and even raiding my candy stash – you guys make every moment a little brighter. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you.

To Felicia Lynn. I kind of like you, Cinderella. I mean, even though you are STILL pressuring me to cuddle you (even after I put it in print that it would never happen) I’ll keep you around. Let’s face it, if I didn’t, who would I feed to the zombie bears in my woods when I took a break in the middle of the night? ☺ Seriously though, you make late night writing marathons so much more fun. Put up with my freeze out temps, AND love me even though I’m crazy. Win win.

To Sommer Stein. I never have the right words to tell you how much you mean to me. When I came to you with PI and basically just said ‘no people on this cover, have fun’ I knew you would knock it out of the park. You have created NINE stunning covers for me, but this one…this one is ALL your brain child and I can’t thank you enough for creating something so stunningly PERFECT.

To Stacey Blake. I’m so blessed to have you on my side. I always know, no matter what, when I send you my final manuscript to format that the end result will be a piece of art in itself. You, my love, are amazing.

To Jenny Sims. Thank YOU for taking Perfectly Imperfect and dealing with the insane deadlines that I seem to always find myself in. And for all the little things that you do during the editing process that make it so much easier when I get the edits back. You rock, girlfriend.

To Lara Feldstein and Hollie Stubblefield. You guys read my ‘baby’ every step of the way. Put up with me every single time that I told you I changed this or that. I couldn’t imagine this process without each of you to bounce plot things with. (Even though I’m pretty sure Lara might kill me one day because of how much I tease her.)

To Kim Ginsberg and her eagle eye. Hey – at least I learned my lesson about TOWARDS! Thank you for giving PI a whirl, you rock!

To Sofie Hartley. Where do I even start with you? Thank you. Not just for loving PI – but for once again making teasers that look so beautiful I just want to look at them all day. And let’s not forget One Direction GIFs. I mean, that right there…

To Emma Hart and Rachel Brooks. Thank you for reading PI before it was released. For believing in a story that means the world to me and being willing to pause your insanely busy lives to meet Willow and Kane. My love for you two is huge.

To each and every reader that took a chance on a standalone and a cast that was completely unknown. It’s because of the love that I’ve always gotten from my amazingly loving readers that gave me the strength to tell this story. One that is so personal to my own struggles that I never thought that it would see the light of day. You guys…you make me push myself to heights that I never thought possible. So, my biggest thank you of all goes to you. Each one of you.

And…to Willow.

You’ve lived inside of me for so long that I think it became easier to live with you than to face you. But, Willow, you have taught me so much during each and every one of these 110K words. I hope and pray that by setting you free, you can teach and help others that might have a little of you hiding inside of them as well.