By: Kim Jones

“I want you to fuck me.”


I swallow hard. “I want you to fuck me.” Emphasis on the “fuck” does more than gain me attention from Jud and Clarissa, it earns me a seat around Mr. Delicious’ waist.

He lifts me, and no sooner are my legs around his hips, his mouth is crashing against mine. The kiss is poisonous. Possessive. I’m putty in his arms as he carries me … somewhere. I’ll go anywhere he wants, as long as that tongue of his continues to caress mine in that soft but fierce way. It’s the kind of kiss I’ve yearned for. Craved. The kind that claims you, owns you, makes your toes curl and your spine tingle. The kind of kiss I’ve never had.

“Car--?...” Jud’s voice is cut off when the bathroom door is kicked closed, then my back is against it. Adrenaline has my senses heightening and I take in the heady scent of my stranger. His male scent is mixed with leather and a hint of cologne. Fresh laundry and a little smoke. Whiskey and mint. It should be bottled and sold as an aphrodisiac.

He pulls away from my mouth, kissing a soft trail down my neck before meeting my gaze. His hair is messy from my fingers. My face still tingles from the dust of hair on his jaw. Blue eyes blaze with lust. And those perfect, full lips are a shade darker and still curved up in a smile.

“Do you have a condom?” I don’t know why I couldn’t think of anything else to say. Amused, he nods. “Okay, good. And I might scream a lot, but that’s just to make sure he hears.”

“Oh, you’ll scream, but it won’t be for him,” he promises, winking at me … again.

“You have to stop that.” I meant to only think that.

“Stop what?”



“Because it makes my liver quiver.” Meant to think that too…

“Liver quiver. That’s a new one.”

I groan, letting my head fall back against the door. I close my eyes, but immediately open them when the room starts to spin. “This was a lot sexier in my head. You know, me and you?”

His eyes drink me up. “Still looks pretty sexy to me.” Damn … I just want to lick him.

My head bounces off the door when someone bangs on it from the other side. “Carmen, what the fuck are you doing?”

“Carmen, huh?” Mr. Delicious asks, shooting me that irresistible smile. “I like it.” He backs up a step, causing me to tighten my hold before pressing me against another wall. “Well, Carmen. I don’t know your story, or why in the hell that piece of shit would choose anyone over you, but right now I’d love nothing more than to make you forget him.”

Sadness starts to resurface. I can feel it swimming through my veins—infiltrating all my other emotions. For a minute, I’d forgotten why I’m here. I’d allowed myself to get lost in the moment. Now that I’m remembering, I’m starting to regret my actions.

Just when I think I can’t do this, lips find mine. Once again, that heated, passionate kiss erases all my doubt and repairs the damage inside me. Tonight, I want to feel wanted. I need to feel wanted.

“Please,” I moan, breaking the kiss so I can run my tongue and lips down his neck. His fingers trail up my thigh, beneath my coat, then still at my bare ass.

“Tell me you’re naked under this,” he whispers at my ear. I nod as he pulls back to untie the belt at my waist. Then, my naked body is on display for his greedy eyes. He takes his time dragging those stormy blues to my lips, down my neck, across my breasts—finally stopping on my freshly waxed sex. I may be imagining things, but I swear I hear him let out a low growl.

Keeping his head down, he peers up at me from beneath his dark lashes. “You sure you wanna do this?”

“Yes.” My fingers twitch nervously, but I hold his gaze. “I want him to know what it feels like.”

His face darkens a moment before breaking out into a mischievous grin. “You ever fucked a guy in a bar before, Carmen?”

The dirty talk is as embarrassing as it is a turn on. Shaking my head, I have to bite my lip to keep from thrusting my hips in search of some kind of contact to alleviate the pressure building inside me. His grin widens and I wonder if it’s because he’s aware of my struggle.