Pack Alpha(70)

By: Crissy Smith

“I hear a vehicle approaching,” he said. “I’ll catch you later, babe.” He hung up before she could respond but that was usual for him and he secretly thought Lettie enjoyed his antics.

Kieran stayed where he was, high on the fence, hidden in the dark. A black SUV with heavily tinted windows rolled into the alley. With the headlights bright into the small space, the bodies would be easily seen. Both doors opened, the driver male and passenger female exiting.

“Fuck,” the man cursed. When he moved away from the open door, he had his weapon drawn. He was staring at the three men laid out.

Kieran had to smile. He’d enjoy fucking with this agent.

The woman was more cautious. She slowly walked to the front of the vehicle but her eyes were darting around the alley. She wasn’t looking at the attackers but instead for who had taken them down. He respected that vigilance. It was what he would do.

He silently rose as he watched. They hadn’t spotted him yet. The man was human but the woman was a shifter. It was hard not to snarl at her but he managed. Kieran bent his knees before he leaped down. He landed between them with a loud thud. He ducked slightly when both weapons were pointed at his head. He held up his hands. “Don’t shoot,” he mocked.

“Kieran Smith.” The man lowered his weapon. “I’ve heard about you, been warned really.”