Pack Alpha(6)

By: Crissy Smith

* * * *

Gage Wolf hung up the phone in his study and glanced at the clock. Elizabeth’s sister had made good time. When Elizabeth had told him she wanted her sister here for the ceremony, he’d thought it was a good idea. He’d still not met the young woman but he’d asked about Elizabeth and her entire family when Greg had first brought up the option of Elizabeth joining the Pack.

He remembered the conversations he’d had with Elizabeth about her sister when he was first considering accepting Elizabeth into his Pack.

Elizabeth was protective and worried about her younger sibling. He understood it must have been hard for a non-shifter to grow up, but he didn’t get why Marissa refused to see her sister.

And that, he knew, was the main reason Elizabeth had held back on the ceremony for so long. Gage was determined not to allow Marissa to hold Elizabeth back from what she wanted. And she wanted Greg.

At the knock on his door, he looked up. His second-in-command, Logan, poked his head in. “I’m taking off now.”

Gage nodded.

“Want to go for a run later?” Logan asked as he opened the door wider to lean against the jamb.

“I’ll be going by the Boyd house tonight,” Gage told him, watching his friend and Pack member smile.

“I don’t think you’ll be the only one.”

“What do you mean?”

The mischievous twinkle in his eyes was unmistakable. “Steve might have mentioned to a few of the guys how hot she is.”

Gage shook his head. Steve hadn’t wasted any time if Logan already knew. Gage didn’t need further complications. “She’s not here to mate.”

Logan laughed. “Well, that may be beside the point.”

“She doesn’t need to be bothered.”

“Well, who is to say it would bother her? She is a were.”

“Yes, but still…” Gage wasn’t sure why he already felt protective toward her. His best guess would be that Elizabeth had shared the secret of her sister not being able to shift and how it still affected her. While it wouldn’t be a problem to his Pack members, he didn’t want the girl overwhelmed with attention. Like most men, male shifters loved the chase of attracting a mate. They could just be more direct in their pursuit.

“Well, then you might want to get over there.” With that, Logan turned and left.

Cursing, Gage stood then followed his friend down the hall. Gage cut through the living room to exit from the sliding door in the study. As the cool night air hit him, he rolled his neck and shoulders. A run would have probably been a good idea. It had only been a couple of days but he loved to shift into his other form. It gave him the freedom that he didn’t get in his normal day-to-day life. All day long he was answering questions while at the same time his shifters had everything they needed. It was nice to let the wolf reign for a while. Not that he wasn’t fully aware of what he was doing or his surroundings when in his shifted form. He just couldn’t answer questions without the ability to speak.

Gage hurried down the curved path that would take him from the Alpha house to some of the other homes. He needed to set the ground rules down for his Pack toward this woman but first he needed to warn Marissa of the chance of having quite a few men at her tail. He hoped in the time she’d been away from her Pack and on her own that she’d found contentment. Gage worried about any ill effects from this stranger being in his territory on Elizabeth. Greg and Elizabeth deserved happiness.

Gage walked up to Elizabeth’s attractive two-story house a few minutes later. Before he could ring the bell, the door opened and a young Pack member walked out onto the porch.

Gage stepped aside to let the man pass. Jeff looked surprised to see him before quickly dropping his eyes.


Gage nodded his hello and strolled through the open doorway and right into the middle of a conversation in progress.

“I’m going upstairs to unpack. If you have any more visitors, tell them to come back in a week. I can’t believe they all need to come by right now to congratulate you on your mating ceremony.”

“That’s not what this is about and you know it,” Elizabeth said calmly.