Pack Alpha(5)

By: Crissy Smith

The differences between her and Elizabeth had grown as they had aged. That was why Marissa had never visited Elizabeth’s new home. She wasn’t scared of being in Pack territory, she just didn’t want to face all the males and their egos. And from what she understood, the Pack’s Alpha or leader, was pretty young himself.

When around other wolves, the female wolf inside her demanded that she mate with one of her own kind. So, as long as she avoided everyone except her sister as much as she could and kept her urges inside, everything would be okay. She would not act like the wolf she couldn’t shift into.

And if the Alpha was anything like her old one, she’d just tell him where to stick it. The idea of telling the Alpha of a territory to go to hell made her smile wider and laugh harder. She wasn’t seventeen anymore. She wasn’t a scared little girl who had to follow everything someone told her. No, she was a grown woman. And she was going to enjoy the time with her sister.

She wasn’t dressed to impress the Alpha or any men in the territory as she currently wore a pair of hip-hugging jeans and a tight pink T-shirt. The paint on her toenails matched the color of her shirt, as did the flip-flops. It was a far cry from the suit she wore every day as an office assistant. She felt free.

As much as she avoided being around shifter territory, her wolf craved the chance to run free. She would be on two legs instead of four but, after months inside the bustling crowded streets in a city, Marissa hoped to get a couple of private moments in the woods.

When she almost missed the turn-off to the territory gate, she jerked the wheel sharply to the left. The back of the car skidded around and kicked up dirt. Laughing, she straightened the car and slowed her speed. She didn’t think Gage Wolf would be happy if she took out a couple of trees.

Why did this Pack located in the middle of nowhere need a fence and a guard station?

She reached the gate and rolled to a stop to wait for the guard. He didn’t disappoint. A man over six feet came over to the window then leaned down, smiling at her.

“Can I help you?” he asked in a husky voice.

She took a deep breath and smiled back. If all the men were this good-looking, she would have her work cut out for her trying to keep her distance. They’d flirt and tease with her, and she’d have to be strong and resist, because as soon as they knew her secret, she wouldn’t exist any longer to them. And no matter what she said to herself, the rejection always hurt.

“I’m Elizabeth Boyd’s sister. I need directions to her house, please.”

His smile didn’t change and he nodded. “Give me just a minute.” He winked then headed to the guard house and picked up the phone.

Marissa watched his ass flex under the tight pair of jeans he was wearing. At least as he made his call she got to enjoy the view.

The guard glanced over his shoulder at her and she waved. Yeah, she was still here and wasn’t going anywhere. He was no doubt checking with the Alpha to make sure she could come in and play. With her own sister, no less, Marissa thought bitterly.

She kept her face friendly and her thoughts to herself as he came back to the car. “Problem?”

“Not at all,” he said, shaking his head, and gave her directions to her sister’s house. “My name’s Steve if you want to get together later,” he added.

Not in this life.

“Hmm, we’ll see.” She was careful not to commit to anything he could hold her to later. The laws of the Pack were much different from the laws where she lived. Marissa knew them all and had only ever broken one.

Shaking that unpleasant thought from her head, she drove through the gate. Looking back into the rear-view mirror, she saw Steve standing with a smile on his face.

“Down, girl,” she told herself. “This is Pack territory.”

The gravel crunched under her tires as Marissa made sure to keep her speed slow. She wasn’t going to give anyone any reason to mess with her.

The grounds of the territory were absolutely beautiful. Thick, dark green grass went on as far as she could see. Behind a row of houses, tall and healthy trees rose up toward the sky. At least the property was pretty. Maybe she would enjoy herself just a little.