Pack Alpha(3)

By: Crissy Smith

“Everything okay?” Chad asked from the kitchen doorway.

“Hmm,” she responded distractedly, starting to tear open the package. She shook out a smaller envelope. The paper was made from high quality stock with her name and address written beautifully. She would know her sister’s writing anywhere.

Marissa dropped the envelope onto the coffee table as she walked toward the window. She thought she heard Chad say something but she didn’t respond. Instead, she shuffled the letter from one hand to the other. Until she opened it she could ignore whatever Elizabeth had to say. Good or bad. Not that she didn’t love her sister, but no news was usually the best news. Elizabeth currently lived with a Pack and she was happy so there was no reason for her to write a letter when she could just call. They tried to speak on the phone every few weeks but never saw each other anymore. Marissa refused to visit and Elizabeth had a good job and a boyfriend, not allowing her to find the time to come to California.

“Here we go,” Marissa muttered then tore open the back of the envelope. She pulled out the heavy card and flipped it over.

We cordially invite you…

Marissa stared at the printed words. She was doing it—finally, Elizabeth was taking a mate. When Elizabeth had moved to Texas it was because she’d met Greg. Greg was also a teacher and they both worked at a local elementary school and had been dating for several years. Marissa had known that this day would come, but she still had several emotions running through her.

She was jealous and that wasn’t fair to her sister. Marissa was also happy for Elizabeth and hoped she would be able to show that.

In the ten years that they’d been separated from each other, Marissa had encouraged Elizabeth to follow her dreams, whether with her career or when she’d met Greg. Elizabeth needed to go for what she wanted, and it seemed she was finally getting what she wanted.

Just because Marissa would never have the life she craved didn’t mean that she wanted Elizabeth to suffer any longer. For as long as she could remember, Elizabeth was always paying for Marissa’s sins. Luckily Elizabeth had gotten away from the Pack they had been born into. Once Marissa had left, it’d opened the door to Elizabeth being accepted into another Pack.

Inside the invitation was a folded up piece of paper. Marissa opened it to find a handwritten note.


I know this won’t be easy for you but I need you here with me to celebrate the ceremony. I won’t do this without you. I know I’m asking a lot but I hope you can spend a few days with me to help me prepare and be with me when I say my vows to Greg. Don’t say no. Please come.

With all my love,


Well shit, how could she say no to the only thing Elizabeth had ever asked for?

“You okay?”

She jumped when Chad joined her by the window. Marissa dropped her hands but didn’t let go of the letter or the invitation.

Chad nodded to her hands. “Bad news?” He’d dressed and had even put on his shoes. She guessed this was the end of their fun. Oh well, she really wasn’t in the mood any longer and she had some thinking to do. Instead of answering him she only shrugged.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

Then he surprised her by leaning forward and kissing her forehead. She wasn’t used to such an intimate gesture. She closed her eyes for a moment to hold in the warm feeling.

“Thanks,” she whispered.

“I would like to see you again,” he said. “I left my number on your counter. I hope you’ll call me.”

She nodded, really not sure how else to respond. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad to date a human. She stayed away from relationships because she craved a shifter but had to settle for a human. It was better to just have one-night stands than not be able to give her partner one hundred percent of herself. Or that was what she’d always believed. Perhaps she needed to change her way of thinking. At least she wouldn’t be alone anymore.

“Take care of yourself,” he told her. “And call me.”

Marissa watched as he walked away. Damn, the man really did have a nice ass. Too bad they’d gotten interrupted. With a sigh she turned back to the window. Using her heightened sight she could see the waves crashing against the sand on the shore. It was peaceful but her thoughts weren’t. She had to start making plans to go to Texas next month.