Pack Alpha(2)

By: Crissy Smith

“Ah,” she murmured in happiness.

“That smells great. Can I get a cup?”

She jerked slightly, not having heard her companion wake and walk around her condo. She turned and smiled at him. Damn, he was built. He had long black hair with beautiful blue eyes. His chest, arms and back were muscular and he had a hard six-pack. Yeah, she’d picked damn well the night before. She licked her lips as he stood there in just a pair of jeans, still unbuttoned, and looking sexy as hell.

Chad, she could remember his name now. They’d met at the local bar that she liked to visit because it had rough, biker-type patrons. For a human he sure had given her one hell of a ride.

“Sure.” She waved him forward. “Come on in.”

He grinned, showing perfectly straight white teeth.

Hmm, maybe she could take him back to bed for an encore. If the dream could help with anything maybe it would get her into the right mood. Chad was nothing like the wolf in her dream. Of course, he was human, but he also couldn’t force her to submit the way that only a strong shifter male could. Still, it would be a waste to send him away while she was tingling with need. She’d make his drink and let things grow from there.

“How do you take your coffee?” she asked.

“Black is fine,” he replied against her ear as he stepped up behind her.

She shivered slightly from the huskiness of his voice. Marissa grabbed another mug then filled it up before she turned to face him.

The look in his eye was telling her he wouldn’t mind another round either. She handed him the cup, making sure to let her fingers brush his. He accepted it with his right hand but wrapped his left around her back. He pulled her close as he dipped his head.

“I really enjoyed last night,” he said.

“Me too,” she agreed. Marissa ran her hand over his naked chest. “You sure know how to show a girl a good time.”

He chuckled. “It’s easy when I’m with the right partner.”

Marissa flushed. Yeah, she had been up for anything with the full moon just a day away. Chad nuzzled her neck then gave her a quick nip. The move was so unexpected that she jumped. It was almost wolf-like. She knew he was human but that small sting was perfect. A repeat was very much needed indeed. He set his mug down on the countertop with a loud clunk before he gripped her hips, lifting her up.

As she landed on the marble top he stepped between her legs. Marissa was glad she hadn’t gotten completely dressed. She ran her hand over the muscles on his chest then bent forward and licked one of his nipples. He groaned while threading his fingers through her hair. Marissa scooted closer to the edge so she could get a better angle. While tracing her tongue from one pec to the other, she trailed her hands down his stomach toward the waistband of his jeans.

“Yeah,” he murmured and rocked his hips as she slid her hands into the denim.

He was fully erect and she wanted to get a taste.

A loud banging on her front door stopped her from dropping into position.

Chad groaned but helped her slide off the counter. She offered him a smile then patted his chest before she headed toward the door. A glance at the clock in the living room showed her that it was just after nine in the morning. Marissa had no idea who would be at her place so early on a Saturday morning. What if she wanted to sleep in? That was just rude.

When she reached the front door she looked out of the peephole to see who was there. A young man in a brown shirt and shorts stood shuffling his feet while holding an envelope. She wasn’t expecting a delivery but unlocked and opened the door anyway. Maybe the kid had the wrong address.

“Yes?” she asked.

“Marissa Boyd?” the young man asked.


“I have an overnight letter for you,” he said.

“From who?” Why would anyone send a letter through a service that would cost so much?

The kid glanced down at the notepad in his other hand. “It’s from an Elizabeth Boyd in Texas.”

Her sister. Now Marissa was really curious. “Okay,” she said, reaching out for the envelope.

“I need you to sign this, please.” He offered her the clipboard with a pen attached by a string.

Marissa smiled as she signed her name quickly then handed it back. The young man passed her the envelope. It was pretty light so it didn’t seem to have anything big in it. “Thanks,” she murmured but wasn’t really paying the delivery kid any more attention. She closed the door and shook the package.