Pack Alpha(10)

By: Crissy Smith

“She’s only going to be here a week,” Logan pointed out.

“Yes but in that time she’ll be protected. I think that’s what she needs. There is no one out there making sure she’s safe and cared for. I wouldn’t be a good Alpha if I didn’t help in any way I can.”

“As long as that’s all this is,” Logan said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Gage demanded. He narrowed his eyes, ensuring Logan knew he was serious. They didn’t get into many power battles but every now and then Logan challenged Gage. Not for Alpha status but in a way that Gage knew his friend was concerned.

“I don’t want you to get hurt,” Logan said. “She’s not going to stay.”

“Just get me everything you can on her.”

Logan stood then left Gage once again alone in his office.

“Let’s see what secrets you have, Marissa Boyd,” he said quietly. He turned back to his desk where he’d left his laptop. He would do some research of his own.

* * * *

After dinner, Marissa claimed to be tired from her trip and locked herself in her room. She was exhausted but really needed some time alone. Elizabeth’s future mate had joined them for dinner and Marissa had to admit she liked Greg even more than she’d thought she would.

It was obvious that he only had eyes for Elizabeth. Marissa didn’t miss the subtle touches that passed between the two of them either. Marissa was thrilled for her sister, but there was just a hint of jealousy deep down. She tried to push it away, but it was there—just as it had always been. Along with the question that haunted her late at night. Why was it that Marissa was defective?

Deciding a bath would soothe her, Marissa filled the tub with hot water then relaxed into the marble enclosure. Her sister’s house was nice. It was very homey and wasn’t too fancy. It was so different from the huge, cold house they’d grown up in. She thought this home matched Elizabeth just as this territory seemed to.

Marissa sighed, thinking about the territory. She had been shocked when Alpha Gage hadn’t demanded she leave. She had been rude to him. She didn’t know of any other Alpha who wouldn’t have punished her. And he would have had every right. She was his guest and was expected to follow his rules. It might have been more complicated if she had a Pack Alpha standing for her, but she had no one. She didn’t have anyone in her corner to help her smooth things over with him. It was Marissa’s responsibility to make sure she didn’t cause any problems. If only she’d come in later in the week instead of for the entire seven days.

She’d missed Elizabeth, though, so she’d packed her bag and purchased a plane ticket. She really needed to work on not being so rash. She had no idea how she was going to make it through seven days around the Alpha. Thinking about Gage had her temperature rising. Oh, he was a good-looking man, although there was more to him than just that. There was power there—that was unmistakable—but she sensed something different in him from her old Alpha. Even though they had argued, she didn’t have the same fear of his power as she did others in his position. Oh, she had been scared, but if Gage had continued to touch her she was more worried about her own reaction. She’d wanted him, an Alpha. It was like she could feel the compassion inside him for others. That could only lead to trouble.

She’d given her heart once to a wolf, and it had ended badly. Very badly, and he hadn’t been an Alpha. She wouldn’t repeat that mistake. Although the Alpha was tempting. So very tempting that Marissa found herself caressing her breasts thinking about him.

This wasn’t a normal reaction for her. She could always resist her urges. The wolf inside her might not like it, but she could do it. Her only fear was that Gage could push past her defenses and make her vulnerable.

She dipped a hand under the water and rubbed the ache between her legs. She made a vow to herself right then and there. She would never be vulnerable again. Even if it left her sexually frustrated.

She let her fingers trail over the swollen folds of her sex before slipping inside. The pressure of two fingers entering felt so good. With her other hand, she pulled and pinched her nipple. The slight pain added to her arousal.