Pack Alpha

By: Crissy Smith


Cool wind whipped the fur around her face as she leapt over a log to land easily on her paws. She could smell the water from the creek ahead as well as the damp soil and other critters running around.

As she slowed down, her heart continued to beat frantically. Movement to her left drew her attention. A powerful male wolf stepped into view. She almost stumbled from the power that radiated from the shifter.

Instinct had her dropping down to her belly as the wolf strode toward her. She rested her chin on her front paws to show the appropriate amount of submission. She didn’t want to challenge this male—no, indeed, her body was reacting to his dominance by tightening in arousal. He lowered his head while he was still several yards away and she got the distinct impression that he was scenting her.

She rolled over onto her back and tucked her paws close to her chest, showing him that she was completely open to him. When he finally reached her he used his snout to push her paws aside and nuzzled the soft vulnerable skin of her belly. She whimpered in both obedience and need. He rewarded her with a lick across her muzzle before he gave her side a strong push, causing her to roll.

He braced himself over her back and she knew what would come next. She lifted her rear end up into the air to accept him.

Marissa Boyd gasped as she was startled awake. She panted, turned on from her erotic dream, and her entire body flushed and hot. Fuck, that had been wild.

Next to her, the man she’d picked up at the bar the night before was snoring softly. Damn, she’d forgotten about him.

She climbed out of her king-sized bed quietly, hoping not to disturb her sleeping partner. Hell, she wished they had gone back to his place instead of hers, then she could have slipped away without having to face him again. Instead, she was going to have to do the whole ‘Good morning, had a great time, don’t call me, I’ll call you’ thing. And with that dream still affecting her it would be hard to act normal.

The bedroom door was open so she strolled out naked and straight to the living area. At least there she had a basket of clean clothes that she hadn’t put away yet. She picked up a pair of panties then slipped them on before grabbing a T-shirt and pulling it over her head. Once she was covered she walked over to the large windows and yanked open the curtains. She had a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and she enjoyed seeing it when the sun was just rising over the water.

Even though she’d lived there for a few years now she wasn’t used to seeing all the openness. The Pack that she’d grown up in had been located in the middle of the woods. She’d given up the freedom of nature to surround herself with water and city people.

Marissa pressed her hand against the cool pane of glass and closed her eyes. Why did she have to dream about things that she would never have? It was impossible for her to ever have her fantasies become reality. She was alone and she should be used to that, but Marissa craved the intimate touch of someone who would accept her. Even if she was broken. She’d been on her own for so long now that she figured the feelings of loneliness would have disappeared. Instead the feeling was stronger than ever.

But she was a grown woman and didn’t have time to let her despair rise. She pushed off the window and turned to go into the kitchen. It was only a dream and she would forget about that and the male wolf that didn’t exist. At least not for her. The coffee pot was ready to go so all she had to do was press the power button. After she got some caffeine inside her she could get rid of her guest.

If I could only remember his name.

Damn, she hated when the full moon was close. It was the only time she didn’t have complete control over her shifter side. Marissa might be defective but she did get horny around this time of month like so many of the other shifters. She didn’t know if it was a wolf thing or what. It wasn’t like she could ask anyone either. Her family was gone except for her sister, Elizabeth. And Marissa would not be asking her sister about her sex life. Elizabeth was much more conservative than she was.

The beep from the machine let her know that her coffee was ready. She strolled back over to the counter then reached up and pulled down a mug. Marissa poured some of the dark brew into the cup before adding some sugar. She stirred it slowly as she breathed in the fragrant aroma. If there was anything that she spent too much money on it was her organic and expensive coffee—a habit she had picked up when she’d first moved into the small coastal town. She lifted the mug to her lips and blew on the liquid inside, then took a sip.