Only For You(119)

By: Genna Rulon

“Oh, but I am,” Sam smirked, “and you, my bestest friend in the world, can do nothing to stop me.”

She was teasing me and I was thrilled that she was joking about sexual situations comfortably.

“The visuals you are implanting in my head may ruin my sex life for the foreseeable future,” I was only partially kidding.

“I’m just kidding. Hunter is H.O.T. hot, but I see him in more of a brotherly light. I’ll find another muse for my therapy.”

Thank heavens for that! Maybe I would be able to have sex again.

“Besides, I can’t fantasize about my future brother-in-law. That breaks all kinds of chick rules.”

I almost choked on my sip of coffee. “We aren’t engaged. We’ve only been officially together for two months. There is no ring on the horizon, no white dress to be ordered. Slow your roll, crazy lady.”

“Whatever you say. I will bet you a Benjamin that he puts a ring on it within six months and you’re Mrs. Everleigh Rose Charles this time next year,” Sam predicted with confidence.

“Girlfriend…bite your tongue. I just graduated, I’m taking over a business, and I’m enjoying new boyfriend sex. Don’t rush me.”

“You better enjoy new boyfriend sex because it is soon to be replaced by new fiancé sex quickly followed by new husband sex; mark my words. I may be crazy now, but I’m not clueless.”

“You’re a sly one you manipulative little twerp. Stop messing with my head. Only one of us can be loco at a time.”

Sam laughed, a real Sam laugh for the first time. Again, I almost cried.

She would be okay, she had some huge obstacles to scale, but she would be okay. And I would be here every step of the way to pick her up when she veered off course. She would be great because I would not let her be anything else.


* * *

To my Momma, you inspired me with your own book and encouraged me to follow my dream. You listened to me on the phone every day sharing my progress as I struggled through the process of writing a novel. You were my first unofficial beta reader, suffering through my typos and patiently correcting them. Only a mother could offer the love and support you have. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you with all my heart!

You do not want to imagine what this book would have been like without the talents of my editor C.J. Manise. Goose, thank you for embracing this story and caring enough to tell me when changes (or cuts, *gasp*) were necessary to improve the reader experience. You found my grammatical snafus, and ensured I presented the best work possible. I’m sorry for any times I may have argued, bit, spit, punched, or kicked you during the process…oh, I didn’t do any of that except for argue…it must have been in my fantasies at the time. Thanks C.J. Ready for round two?

To the fabulous Miss Amy Bartol—you sacrificed your time responding to a despairing e-mail of an unknown and unpublished author. Your words of empathy, encouragement, and advice were a gift for which you have my utmost gratitude. You rock! For anyone who hasn’t read The Premonition Series (Inescapable, Intuition, Indebted, Incendiary, Iniquity) by Amy Bartol, I strongly encourage you buy them today—just be sure to clear your schedule because you will not be able to put them down, they are addictive. For more information visit

I was inspired by countless authors, who have swept me away with their stories of life, love, and heartbreak. I can’t imagine I would have had the courage to pursue my dream if it weren’t for their bravery. Please allow me to thank you all collectively for your talent and pluck. I am compelled to list several authors who were particularly inspiring and motivating, each for their own reasons. Alphabetically (because it just seemed fair), I offer my most sincere gratitude to: Jennifer L. Armentrout, Kristen Ashley, Shelly Crane, Colleen Hoover, M. Leighton, Jamie McGuire, Raine Miller, Jessica Sorensen, Nicole Williams, and Samantha Young.

A special thank you to Hanshi Michael J. Rosati, Sr. In a weird twisted way, you helped inspire this book. You’re an amazing teacher! Rosati System of Modern Martial Arts

Thank you to Moshe D Katz for your amazingly helpful website, your self-defense tips were a wonderful resource.