Only For You(116)

By: Genna Rulon

“Do you remember my tattoo? I had it inked at the end of March.”

I was confused by his non sequitur, but nodded. As if I could forget the brand on his left pectoral. Why we had descended into the history of his body art, I didn’t know.

“Do you remember what it means?”

I nodded. He looked at me expectantly, granting me permission to speak.

“Forever. You said it was the Japanese word forever, eternal.”

“Exactly. Forever.”

He looked at me expectantly again. But I shrugged, still not comprehending his point.

He put his hand over his heart and repeated himself, separating the words, “For—Ever.”

Shut your—what? Did he just say what I think he said?

“I already knew, for me there is only you. No matter what happened between us in the future, it would only ever be you. I was made for you—only for you.”

Yes, he was in fact saying what I thought he said. I was dumbfounded, rendered mute.

“I have been in love with you for months, Everleigh. I wanted to tell you every day, but it would have been selfish to verbalize my love when I wasn’t at liberty to give you anything else at the time. I hoped to be able to keep us in the friend-zone until I closed the case, at which time I could give you everything if you still wanted me. Then you started dating that shmuck from Krav. I was terrified I would lose you, but my hands were tied. Like an idiot, I fucked things up royally by sleeping with you.”

That was not complimentary, and he must have read my thought because he hurried to continue.

“Don’t misunderstand—there was nothing I wanted more than to have you wrapped around me, watching you come apart in my arms. It was spectacular, and I would have given anything to have spent the last month repeating the experience over and over again. I could never get enough of you. I wanted to taste you and try you on, in all the ways I had fantasized, but the timing was all wrong. I still couldn’t be with you, give you what we both needed. I desperately wanted to say I love you that night.”

Now, I was hot and bothered which was not conducive to deep meaningful confessions.

“It was torture, watching your heart break, being thrown out on my ass because I couldn’t give you the one thing in the world I wanted above all else. If it had just been about the job, I would have said ‘screw it’ and quit, rather than risk losing you. But it wasn’t just the job. We were so close to stopping him and if I had told you everything, jeopardized a conviction, I would never have been able to live with myself. There were too many women who deserved justice, Sam especially.”

He finally approached me, placing his hands on either side of my hips, leaning in close.

“Catching Heath was the only cause worthy enough to keep me from you. I thought I was happy before you, but you lit up my world. You challenged me, made me laugh, and aroused me beyond reason. Everything before you and without you was dim and monotonous. I may be able to live without you, but I don’t want to, it would be bland and uninspiring. Existing, not thriving.”

“Everleigh Rose Carsen, I’m irrevocably in love with you, I have been for quite some time and I will always be. You’re what I want exclusively. It’s an irreversible condition. Please, angel, give me a chance to finally give you the everything you asked for. Let me love you.”

Screw his rules! I grabbed Hunter’s head and pulled it down to mine. I whispered against his lips, “I love you” before kissing him with all the fullness of emotion I had previously restrained.

His hands left the stage, one cradling the back of my head with care, the other cupping my face. Languorously his lips and tongue mingled with mine. He took control of the kiss, demanded it, building a wealth of passion and fervor. Forced to break our connection when I began to feel faint, his lips traveled down the column of my neck, nipping and sucking gently as he went.

I enfolded Hunter with my arms and legs, needing him closer.

He stepped back, taking me with him as he walked to the game room. Hunter looked around to consider all options. Making a decision, he sat me gently on the edge of a pool table and placed a reverent kiss on my forehead.

He shrugged, “I’ll buy Griffin a new table if he complains.”

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