Only For You(115)

By: Genna Rulon

“What else is there to say, Hunter? You explained your reasons for omitting your law enforcement status, and I granted my forgiveness. There is no reason to beat a dead horse.” He may be feeling chatty, but I needed to leave while I was still able to let him go.

“Everything! There is everything left to say. You could try the patience of a saint, do you know that? You are going to sit down and be silent while I say what I need to say without interruptions. You get me?”

“Hunter, let’s walk away now. Our issues are resolved. We can look back one day and smile with fondness when reminiscing about the time we shared.”

“That’s it,” he muttered, and suddenly I was over his shoulder…again. He really had a thing with manhandling me. He dropped me unceremoniously on the edge of the stage.

“You will sit there and you will remain silent. You will listen—and hear. You will not move a single muscle until I’m finished. Do you understand me?” I was about to speak when he held up his hand to stop me, “It was a rhetorical question. Don’t speak, don’t move.”

Hello, Alpha-Hunter. I was beginning to fear I had pushed the man passed the edge of reason. Watching him pace before me, I decided to follow his directive to sit still and silent, awaiting his monologue.

“I’m going to tell you a story. It will be a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’—did you ever read one of those books as a kid? They were my favorite—you have control over the story and will choose how it ends.”

I nodded my acceptance. He tossed me a warning look; apparently, he was serious about me not moving a muscle.

“There was once a man who thought he was happy. He volunteered to investigate a string of heinous crimes because he wanted to protect people and hopefully save lives. He also volunteered to teach women how to protect themselves because he knew he couldn’t personally protect them all. He met a woman—a sarcastic, stubborn, stunning woman—and he was intrigued, captivated by her. She didn’t like him at first, but then she made it her mission to make him her friend. He laughed at her determination because he was already taken with her. They became friends, best friends, but their relationship grew complicated.”

They became something more than friends, something undefined, which confused the girl and would occasionally cause her to do something crazy. He wanted to explain his feelings, but he couldn’t. He had to keep his job a secret to make sure the bad guys didn’t get away with their crimes when he caught them. He tried to be just her friend, but it was hard, monumentally hard. He wanted to hold her, touch her…he wanted more. But, he wasn’t able to give her more until his job was completed. One night she was sad, hurting. He intended to comfort her and take care of her, but he wanted her so badly he lost control. He made love to her. It was a life-changing, revelatory experience, but he knew he made a mistake because the timing was wrong. He had opened a door that he could not yet walk through, and he couldn’t close the door afterwards because they had splintered the frame.”

She asked him to give her everything. He wanted to do just that, but he couldn’t until his mission was complete. He asked her to wait but couldn’t offer an explanation as to why. With no explanation, she assumed he was rejecting her and promptly kicked him out of her life; he was devastated. He rushed to catch the bad guys and ensure they wouldn’t get away with their crimes. He wanted to return to the girl, but he had hurt her so deeply he didn’t know if she would forgive him or give him another chance. He conspired with a mutual friend to re-win her heart. When his co-conspirator told him it was time, he went to the girl—his girl. She was still angry and tried to send him away, but this time he refused to leave. He told her a story about a man very much like himself and a woman very much like her, and then he waited to learn how the story would end.”

I stared, mouth agape, absorbing all he had just said. He concisely recapped our entire relationship. I had been wrong. I was so stupid, impatient, stubborn, presumptuous, and—in love with him. I was prepared to jump off the stage and tackle him, but he had ordered me to stay put and be silent. I decided to obey for a change.

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