Only For You(108)

By: Genna Rulon

“I’m afraid it is. Sam will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow and I don’t believe I’m equipped to address the full spectrum of her needs.”

He cut me off dismissively, “Fine, fine. Just let me know the specifics and I will have our driver pick her up. My assistant can arrange for nursing care at our home until she is able to return to her apartment.”

“I don’t believe that would be the best option at this time. I have consulted several professionals who recommended a facility that can best address Sam’s needs during her recovery.”

“That would be preferable, actually. Have the facility direct the bills to my office. I will ensure they are paid. Please spare no expense, no cost is too much for Samantha’s care and comfort.

I restrained myself from pointing out his parental neglect, “I will be sure to let you know when it would be appropriate to visit Samantha so you can be assured of the standard of care being provided to her.”

There was no way the Whitneys would fly to San Diego to inspect Sam’s care when they couldn’t be bothered to drive to the nearby hospital to do so.

“Everleigh, please make certain you stress our desire for confidentiality as it pertains to the details of Samantha’s wellbeing. I don’t want her life to incur any further interruptions as a result of the incident.”

He didn’t want any further ‘interruptions’? What he didn’t want was for his country club cronies to discover his daughter was damaged goods—soiled. Pretentious prick!

“I will see to it, Mr. Whitney.”

He ended the call with no further commentary.

Checking my email, I found the admission packet from the facility Dr. Veritus had suggested. I printed the attachment, reviewing the pages as my printer expelled them. Several forms needed to be completed by Sam’s physicians. I would need the paperwork to be completed today and returned to—I didn’t even know the name of the place I was sending Sam. I scanned the papers—Phoenix Center: A Restorative Haven. It sounded awfully ‘new age.’ Feeling resourceful, I contacted the San Diego area rape crisis center to inquire about the Phoenix Center. The hotline volunteer enthusiastically recommended the center provided I could: A) secure a spot, and B) afford the exorbitant cost. Able to meet both of the stipulations I thanked the volunteer for her time. I decided to call, feeling more confident in the facility, but still wanting to speak directly with the person in charge of Sam’s care,

I spoke with Dr. Michelle Drake—Shelly, as she insisted I call her—for an hour discussing the center’s general philosophy, therapeutic programs and techniques, medical care, physical therapy, daily routine, and amenities. Shelly put me at ease effortlessly earning my confidence.

“Shelly, I’m entrusting you with the care of my best friend, my sister, please don’t let me down.”

“Have faith, Everleigh. If Sam is as strong as you believe, the program will provide her the tools to heal and reclaim her life. The road won’t be easy, but given time she will heal.”

“Thank you, Shelly. I will have the doctors send the required forms. You have all the details to arrange for the flights tomorrow?”

“I do. We had to charter a flight due to Sam’s injuries as well as prevent further trauma from exposure during a commercial flight. The nurse and therapist will be with her every step of the way to ensure health, comfort, and safety. I will keep you appraised of her progress on a weekly basis and let you know when it’s appropriate to visit. Take care.”

I was confident I had made the right choice by the time I ended the call. Now for the hardest part—I had to tell Sam and I was clueless as to how she would respond.

When I entered Sam’s room, she was alone staring blankly into space. She appeared lost.

“Good morning Sam. I have good news, they caught Heath. The detective said it was unlikely that the judge would grant bail. Isn’t that a relief?”

She continued to gaze at the wall.

“How are you?”

She turned to look at me but offered no reply.

“I need to talk to you. You’re scheduled to be discharged tomorrow, but the extent of your injuries require more professional care than I am capable of providing. I suspect your parent’s home would not be conducive to recuperating either.”

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