Once Upon a Wallflower(92)

By: Wendy Lyn Watson

She lowered her eyes and a small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. “About loving me.”

“Oh, that. Yes, Mira, I most assuredly meant that.”

A laugh of pure delight welled up in Mira’s chest, and she threw her arms around Nicholas’s neck, impulsively raining kisses on the hard angle of his jaw. At his answering chuckle, she drew back and covered her mouth with her hand, but she was too giddy to stop smiling.

“How do you think that is possible?” she asked. “How is it possible that our engagement should come about as the result of your father’s cunning and my uncle’s trickery, but that we should somehow still fall in love in a few short weeks?”

“Mira-mine, I’m disappointed in you,” Nicholas responded with mock severity. “There’s only one logical explanation.”

He winked at her.



Thanks to the Lit Girls and Peter Hawkinson. You have all given me support and encouragement through some tough times. I couldn’t have stuck with it without you. And a special thank you to my editor, Erin Molta, who has put a tremendous amount of work and love into this manuscript.

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