Off Sides(4)

By: Sawyer Bennett

Miracle of all miracles, Angeline seems to have been struck dumb. Nothing is coming out of her mouth but there are daggers flying out of her eyes.

Tucking her pencil behind her ear, Danny puts her hand on her hip. "I tell you what...when you're ready to order, how about..." she pauses to look around the table and points right at Carter, " raise your hand when you’re ready to order and I'll come back over and help ya out. Okay?"

Without waiting for a reply, she shoots Carter a wink and turns her back on us. I can't help it but I start laughing out loud and Angeline swings her eyes at me in fury. I ignore her, still chuckling.

"Wait, Danny," I call out. She turns around and looks at me with surprise. I’m sure she didn’t think I would call her by her name. "We're ready to order. I think you've made an excellent philosophical argument."

Sauntering back to the table, Danny holds my gaze and I can see her appraising me. I don't flinch or look away, and I'm returning her gaze with equal intensity.

She walks right up to me, close enough I can smell her...and she smells like summer rain. "So, what will you have?"

She looks even better up close and I hope my tongue isn’t hanging out. I want to tell her I will have her, with a side of her, and for dessert...her. Instead, I order the Husky Special.

She winks at me. "Sure thing, stud."

I hear Mike snort over that but I don't care.

She goes around the table and gets everyone's order. After her smack down of Angeline, everyone is appropriately subdued and polite. I don't think anyone wants to go head to head with this girl.

I watch her closely. Even though she was basically just called an ignoramus a few minutes ago, she seems confident and self-assured. She smiles at each of us when she takes our order, even Angeline, who is noticeably acquiescent when she orders a fruit cup and a glass of ice water. I'm impressed and find myself very curious about this girl.

Why is someone so smart working in a diner? And what possesses someone to dye their hair purple or pierce their nose? I don't get it but I find myself wanting to know.

After Danny puts our order in, conversation resumes although we're discussing hockey now instead of philosophy. I think we're starting to sober up. Mike, Carter and I discuss our season opener against Boston College. While we are talking, I watch as Danny moves around, talking to customers. She laughs a lot and has a killer smile with a dimple in each cheek. I also notice she has a killer ass but hey, I'm a guy.

Apparently I'm not as covert as I think I am because Carter leans over and whispers to me, "She's pretty hot, huh? You thinkin' about hitting that?"

I laugh him off. "Nah, man. She's not my type."

"Well, with that body she's more than my type. I wonder if she's got any piercings we can't see."

I can't say I didn't think the same thing. Still, there really is no way I am going to find out. I can tell by looking at her she is not the type of girl that does one-night stands. Oh, she may think she's tough with her dyed hair and piercings, but looking at her you can tell she's more angel than devil. Too bad for me. And for her, too.

And a one-night stand would be the only way I could find out the answers to my questions. She definitely is not dating material because my parents would have a fit if I showed up in the media with her on my arm. This thought is disappointing to me. It's been a really long time since someone has interested me like this and now I'm all pissed off that I have to live my life by my parents' standards.

I give a silent sigh and punch Carter playfully on the arm, "Go for it, dude. Your ugly mug might have a shot with her."



I step out of my shower, shivering uncontrollably. It's the second day in a row our hot water heater has been broken and I'm getting ready to go off on the super's ass. If my roommate, Paula, and I weren't so damn poor, we'd move to a better apartment. But as it is, both of us are living hand to mouth and we just can't afford more than this squalid dump.

"Was there any hot water, Danny?"

I open the door to the bathroom and I can hear Paula in the kitchen banging pots around. I think she's making us some Ramen noodles for dinner.

"Nope. Still cold as ice," I answer her.