Off Limits(101)

By: Lola Darling

To my team at Social Butterfly PR, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for this kick ass cover and for your tireless hard work. Hilary Suppes, you rock, and that adorable baby of yours is lucky to call you Mama. Thank you, ladies, for everything.

To Laurelin Paige, Melanie Harlow Sydney Jamesson and Roxy Sloane, thank you for inspiring me with every word you write and for your generous support. You are what this community is all about and to have you in my corner means the world to me.

To the bloggers who take time out of your busy lives to read and post about my books, my God, I don’t know how you do it all. Crystal Grizzard Burnette, one day I’m going to hug your neck for all that you do, but until then, thank you for each and every post. They make my heart swell. Angie McKeon, you are a delight. I love your posts and your positivity. Peggy Lee, thanks for all that you do to support indie authors and our filthy love stories. It does not go unnoticed. Ang Oh, you and your Dirty Girl tribe are some of the best out there. Keep up all the hard work, and thank you for all the Lola Love. Jen McCoy, you filthy, filthy girl. I love your face. You know it’s true. Thanks for your Dirty Quotes and for all the love. The Literary Gossip is one amazing blog and I adore you all. (You too, Nina LOL.)

And last, but never least to the readers, sweet mercy, you make me happy. Thank you for taking a chance on another one of my books, for loving Max and Chloe’s love story and for each and every tweet, review, comment, tag, and PM. You make this sometime solitary life worth every sacrifice. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Lola xo

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