Not-So Temporarily Married(7)

By: Fiona Davenport

“C’mere, Blondie,” I murmured, holding my hand out to her. She looked at it like it was a snake and might bite her. I chuckled and stepped closer to slip an arm around her waist. “Relax, I just want to show you something.”

I guided her to the doors of our balcony and outside. Just as we reached the edge, music began to play and I pointed down to the display below. Zoe’s eyes grew wide with delight as she watched the lights and water dance to the crooning of Frank Sinatra. After a few minutes, I turned her in my arms, keeping one hand at her waist and lacing our fingers together with the other. Staring into her grassy green eyes, I began to move with the beat, slowly moving around the small space in a gentle waltz. Her expression softened and she seemed as enamored with me as I was with her at that moment.

Silently, I sent my mom a thank you for making sure her boy knew how to dance. We floated around until the song ended and the world around us turned quiet. Zoe sucked her bottom lip in and worried it between her teeth. I tugged on it with my thumb until she released it, then lowered my mouth onto hers.

The sweet atmosphere was shattered with a rush of hot desire. I had always known Zoe was mine, but as my tongue brushed hers, and her taste exploded on mine, I was hit with the reality of the situation. Now, she belonged to me in every way but one, and I intended to rectify that before the night was over.

I gripped her hips tightly and dragged her body flush against mine. My cock was straining against the zipper of my slacks and pressing into her stomach. I wanted her so fucking much and now that I was about to have her, I had to remind myself to savor and not just throw her on the bed and fuck her like a part of me wanted.

Zoe mewled as her hands slid up my arms to link behind my neck. Her body melted into me and I let go of her, only to bend slightly and sweep her up into my arms. Never losing the connection of our mouths, I stalked to the bedroom and set her back on her feet beside the bed. My hands palmed her ass and I slanted my head to deepen our kiss.

She was so sweet, tasting like cherry vanilla. I couldn’t wait to lick every sugary inch of her body. Leaving her plump lips, I trailed my tongue down her throat and her head fell back with a whimper. The sound went straight to my dick and it pulsed painfully. Since her dress fastened around the neck, I slipped the little button through the hole and the front fell to her waist.

Fucking hell. She hadn’t been wearing a bra. It was a damn good thing I hadn’t known that ahead of time. Her ripe tits were round and full, topped with berry colored nipples. The sight was so delicious, my mouth watered. She gasped and attempted to step back, but I wasn’t about to let her clear the fog of lust we were wrapped in. Bending low, I licked a circle around one hard peak and then over the tip before sucking it in my mouth.

“Landon!” she cried out.

“That’s right, baby,” I growled after letting her nipple go with a pop. “Call my name. Don’t ever forget who owns this body.”

She moaned and I went back to loving on her tits, giving each equal attention. They were clearly a sensitive spot for her because Zoe’s moans escalated and her body practically vibrated with sexual tension. I was pretty sure that I could get her to come from that alone, but I wanted to taste the first orgasm I gave her.

I returned to her lips and kissed her thoroughly while I gently unzipped the rest of her dress and let it drop to pool at her feet. I took a step back to look her over. She took my fucking breath away.

“You are so much more than I dreamed,” I murmured reverently. Then I put a hand flat on her back and pulled her close, whispering in her ear, “And I’ve definitely dreamt about it. A lot.”

Leaning back, I looked into her glazed eyes. “You’ve imagined it too, haven’t you?”

Her cheeks bloomed and she glanced away before nodding shyly. I wanted to beat on my chest in victory. I knew what we had wasn’t one-sided, but it was so rewarding to make her admit it.

Grasping her ass, I lifted her up and laid her out on the bed. I ran a hand down the side of her face, her throat, between her breasts, over her flat belly, to the waistband of her lacy, virgin white panties with tiny little bows at the corners. She shivered as I dipped a finger underneath and traced it from one side to the other.

Running out of patience, I quickly stripped to my boxer briefs and climbed on the bed, hovering over her on my hands and knees. I kissed her softly, then my lips slowly followed the same path until I reached the apex of her thighs. She tensed and tried to close her legs, but I growled in warning and pushed them wide. I practically shoved my face into her pussy and took a deep breath.

“Don’t know how I’ll ever leave this sweet pussy, Blondie,” I grunted before licking a path up her center. Her underwear were saturated with her unique scent. “I had a bet with myself that you were blonde all over. Time to see if I win.”