No Limits:A Dark Romance

By: Lauren Landish


She thinks she’s a monster. But I’m the monster.

I’m a ruthless perfectionist who’s never needed love. It’s a worthless emotion that makes you weak, and I’m anything but weak. I haven’t let a soul get close to me. No one’s ever made me feel a damn thing.

Until Shawnie. My angel.

I knew from the moment I saw her that she was different. She’s scarred and broken, running from a past that haunts her. But her wings aren’t broken like she thinks. Her past hasn’t destroyed her, and I can show her what she’s worth.

I want her with an intensity that I’ve never felt before. Her large light amber eyes shine with vulnerability. Her lush curves and full, kissable lips call to me in a way that leaves me breathless. They beg me to take her and make her mine.

But my secrets threaten to take too much from her. I should stay away. There’s a darkness in me that craves the depravity she desires. She wants to serve and obey, and I’m more than happy to fill those needs.

For the first time in my life, she makes me feel like a man and not a monster. This time, I won’t be denied.

**No Limits is a full-length Dark Romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

No Limits is a followup to Off Limits, however you do not need to read it beforehand. Off Limits is Dane & Abby’s story, and they play a very minor role in No Limits. You’ll also get more insight into Shawnie’s backstory. For a limited time, Off Limits is included as a bonus at the end.

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The cool air gently tickles my bare skin, leaving goosebumps in its wake. My forehead is resting on the ground as I wait for him, my Master. I’ll stay in this position until he tells me otherwise. I’ll do anything for him. Everything for him.

“Come to me, my Angel.” Hearing his nickname for me sends a thrill through me. Angel. I’m anything but. I’ve never felt deserving, not since that hot summer day in Georgia. I thought it was a trick at first, but now I believe him. I trust him and everything he says. Still . . . Angel. I’m not quite used to it yet.

I fight the urge to look up at the sound of his deep voice filled with seductive power. For a moment, I try to resist, but I quickly give up. There’s no point in fighting.

When he asks, I obey. I live only to serve him now. Not by force, but by choice. His needs are my needs. He owns my pleasure and I want to be rewarded so badly. I need it. I need his acceptance, his approval, his love. I finally raise my eyes slightly and see him. My lungs still at the sight of his black silk dress pants and his white shirt unbuttoned at the chest, showcasing his hard, tanned skin underneath.

Fuck, he’s so sexy. I can hardly believe he’s chosen me. I’m not worthy, but for some reason, he’s picked me. My heart skips a beat at the thought. It’s still so surreal.

My breath comes out in ragged pants, and I slowly crawl forward on my hands and knees, keeping my head lowered to the floor. The carpet in the bedroom is soft on my knees and palms as I make my way to him. I’ll do this for as long as I have to. As long as he tells me to. Whenever he tells me.

The memories that haunt me flash before my eyes so quickly, but they’re gone in an instant. My shoulders hunch forward and my eyes close tightly. I don’t want to remember what happened. What that psycho did to me.

“Hush, Angel,” Rafe says softly. From somewhere above me, his deep voice washes over me like a soothing balm. “You’re with me.” I start with surprise. I didn’t realize I had whimpered out loud, betraying the inner turmoil roiling through my mind. “I’ve got you.”

My limbs relax slightly at his words. “Please, Master,” I whisper so quietly that I’m not even sure that he hears me. “Make it go away.”

I stay kneeled before him in supplication, waiting for my next command. I want him to see how eager I am to serve him. How I’ll obey his every word. How I’ll be the perfect angel for him.

I gasp softly as his strong hand cups my chin and lifts my lips to his as he bends forward. The warmth from being so close to him envelopes my body, causing my limbs to shiver, my blood heating and my heart beating rapidly. His tongue slips along the seam of my lips and I part them for him, opening my mouth for his kiss. Our tongues intertwine and he steals my breath, devouring me with just a slight touch. So little, but so consuming. He breaks the kiss all too soon, leaving me to fall forward slightly, missing him already. But his hand stays on my chin, keeping my head tilted for him.