#Nerd (The Hashtag Series Book 1)(6)

By: Cambria Hebert

Romeo started across the room where the girl who fell out of her chair earlier was standing at the exit, her bag slung over her shoulder. She was twirling the end of her long blond hair around her finger and smiling at him coyly.

I rolled my eyes and pushed up my glasses.

Romeo stopped in front of her and slid both hands into the front pockets of his jeans. The action pulled the material tighter across his butt—which was very toned.

I glanced away, embarrassed.

I heard the girl laughing and then a deeper chuckle followed. I sneaked a glance back in their direction in time to see them both walking away, his hand on the small of her back, guiding her around the corner.

Annoyance slammed into me. I thought that girl was leaving. Where were they going anyway? He was supposed to be over here learning!

I thought about packing up my stuff and leaving right then. I could leave him a note on the table with one word on it:Loser.

I snorted slightly because the idea was totally amusing. Even so, I wouldn’t do it. He’d get mad and tell his coach. The coach would call the dean, and then my funny revenge note would get me in trouble.

No thank you.

But I wasn’t just going to sit here like a goof and wait.

I’d do my homework. I’d get it all done and then maybe I could stop by the shelter after tutoring for just a few minutes before they locked up for the night. Just the idea of that short visit made this day seem a little less crappy.

Quickly, I pulled out my notebooks and texts. I had an open-book quiz the professor in my history class gave us, so I decided to start with it. After that, I could check out a couple reference books for an English paper I had due in two weeks.

I was halfway done with the quiz when I glanced at Romeo’s books and notebook beside me. His chair was still empty and he had yet to return. I glanced up, blowing some stray hair out of my vision.

What in the world was he doing? We were in a library for crying out loud.

I pushed away from my books and notes to walk around the corner, where Romeo and the girl headed. The row disappeared into the back of the library, deep among the shelves. I trailed through the racks slowly, partially looking for him and eyeing the books at the same time. The deeper into the shelves I went, the more the air was permeated with the scent of old books—a cross between paper and dust.

I liked the fragrance. It smelled liked comfort to me. There was something soothing about being surrounded by books. It also reminded me of my mom and of the fairytales she used to read me when I was a little girl.

I didn’t read fairytales anymore.

I read non-fiction.

A deep, throaty gasp pulled my attention back to the present and halted my steps. I cocked my head to the side and listened, but it didn’t happen again. It came from the right, so I turned the corner to step into another row of books. Clearly, this section of the library wasn’t visited very often.

Even the lighting back here was dimmer than everywhere else in the place.

I heard another low moan followed by a lighter, more feminine sound. My stomach tightened. Those kind of noises didn’t come from reading. Well, at least nothing I ever read made me do that.

I knew I should turn around and go back the way I came, but I didn’t.

The moans came from just on the other side of the aisle I was in. Slowly and carefully, I reached up and pulled a really thick book off the shelf in front of me, right at eye level. My fingers tightened painfully around the spine of the hardback when my eyes landed on them.

It was definitely Romeo and the girl.

He was leaning up against a rack, facing me, but I knew he wouldn’t see me because his head was tilted back and his eyes were closed. One of his hands was splayed out along the shelf beside him. And his other hand…

It was tangled in the blonde’s hair, at the back of her head. She was on her knees before him, and by the rocking motion of her head and the way his hand gripped her scalp, I knew exactly what she was doing.

The bottom fell out of my stomach, and I bit back a gasp.

Oh my gosh! Romeo was totally getting a blow job in the library!

What if someone saw? What if someone heard? Wouldn’t they be embarrassed?

Unable to look away, I peered a little closer. His jaw muscles were clenched tight and his eyes remained closed. His hips jutted out away from the shelf, giving the girl all the access she needed.

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