By: Sam Crescent


Present day

I’ve been so naughty.

So wrong.

It’s so good.

I love it.

I love it so much.

I love him.

He’s my sister’s ex.

I’m going straight to hell.

Autumn Fowler closed her eyes, refusing to watch herself in the mirror. The pleasure brought enough guilt. She couldn’t take much more.

“Open those fucking eyes, baby. I want you to watch us together. Watch as I fuck your soaking wet pussy. You know you want it,” Carter Blue said, growling each word out against her flesh, igniting a fire that only he could put out.

She’d never known this kind of pleasure. Never even dreamed something like this could be happening to her, and what made it worse? This was so wrong.

Carter Blue was a foul mouthed, inked, bad boy mechanic. She should have stayed away, but from the first moment he touched her, she’d been unable to do anything but submit.

“That’s it, show me those pretty brown eyes. You’re not just a good girl, baby. You’re my bad girl, and I fucking love it. This perfect mouth, these tits, your pussy, and your ass, it’s all made for me.” He lifted her thigh up so that she had no choice but to watch as his cock tunneled in and out of her. The evidence of her own arousal was clear on his dick. “You can’t deny what I do for you.”

“I’m not.”

“Then touch your clit, give me what I want, and what I want is your fucking pussy gripping my dick as you scream when you come.”

She stroked her clit, moving her finger down to feel as he slid in and out of her.

“I love it when you go all dirty on me. Take what you want. Come all over my cock. I want to feel it.”

The good girl was long gone, and in her place was someone Autumn never believed she’d be. She wasn’t the kind of woman to just screw for the pleasure of it, or to even enjoy it. Sex had never been very enjoyable. The moment Carter Blue entered her world for the second time, she’d been unable to control the intense attraction. He wasn’t supposed to be hers, and they weren’t supposed to be having sex.

“Fuck, Autumn, I love your fucking pussy.” He shoved her fingers out of the way and started to stroke her clit. He didn’t give her a chance to pace her orgasm. He hurtled her right over the edge, and into bliss.

She called his name as he rode her harder through their orgasm. Carter grunted as he filled her pussy.

This was so wrong. How could it be anything but wrong?

Yet her body came alive under his touch. She loved every second of being in his company. That had never changed, and not a single moment did she regret being with him.

“We were supposed to talk,” Carter said.

“I know.”

“Whenever I get you alone, all I can think about is fucking you, being inside you.”

The cloud of pleasure started to fade, and she turned her head to look at him. “We shouldn’t be doing this. It’s wrong. It’s naughty.”

“We’re not breaking any rules. You’re single. I’m single.”

“You used to date my sister, Carter.”

“Used to.”

“Omg! What the hell is going on here?”

They both turned, and Autumn wished more than anything that the world would swallow her whole. This has to be the most humiliating experience of her life.

There in the doorway, witnessing Carter’s cock inside her was Summer, Autumn sister, and Carter’s ex.

Yes, she’d been very naughty.

Chapter One

Seven months earlier

“Summer, I’m trying, okay?” Autumn said, watching the road ahead as traffic surrounded her.

“Really? You should have been here over half an hour ago.”

“I know, I know. I had to work late.”

“But I wanted you here.”

“I’m sorry. This is our parents’ anniversary dinner, and I wanted to be there, I really, really did, but I had to work. I have to have a life as well.”

“If you’d actually listened to me, you’d have known to get the time off.”

Autumn dropped her head onto the steering wheel. “I’m sorry that I’m not a big time manager, in a big time firm. I don’t get to tell people what to do.” She’d have never enjoyed telling people what to do. The last time she’d seen her sister, Summer had been telling everyone how she’d fired an incompetent male. That was her sister, the praying mantis of the corporate world. She was the manager, or some CEO, or something, of some big time investment company that helped smaller companies to get their name out there. Either way, it was a completely different role, seeing as Autumn was just happy to be baking in a small town shop near her home.