My Stepbrother: The Dom

By: Arabella Quinn

I’d never been to a sex club before. Hell, before I saw the hot new erotic romance movie, I didn’t even know what BDSM was. I was that naïve.

Mix together a few shots of alcohol, my dangerously adventurous girlfriend and a dose of curiosity and you had the recipe for a very crazy night.

That’s how I ended up inside the sex club.

How did I end up being schooled in the arts of BDSM by my sinfully sexy stepbrother?

Now that was just pure madness.

Chapter 1


“So, have you seen your brother since you’ve been back home?”

“Cole?” I squirmed in my seat. I hated talking about Cole with Julie. She’d had a monumental crush on him ever since we were in the eighth grade and Cole was a junior in high school. Her crush hadn’t diminished at all in the ensuing eight years.

Julie playfully smacked my arm. “Of course, Cole! Do you have any other hot brothers that I don’t know about?”

I picked up my beer and took a quick sip, hoping Julie wouldn’t see the blush that was heating my cheeks. “Nope. Last time I saw him was at graduation.”

“Is he still as hot as ever?” Julie’s eyes widened with excitement.

If my freakishly unnatural reaction to him was any indication, I’d say he was looking even hotter than ever, but to Julie, I casually shrugged my shoulders. “He seems the same to me.”

Julie frowned and asked almost tentatively, “Does he have a girlfriend?”

Feigning disinterest, I took another sip of beer. “I don’t know. I don’t talk to him about that kind of stuff.”

“What do you talk to him about? What is he doing now?”

I knew Julie’s curiosity would never be sated when it came to Cole. She could talk about him all night. Frankly, I wasn’t in the mood.

“I don’t see him all that much anymore. Really, Jules. He’s got his own life.”

Julie picked at the label on her beer bottle. “But you two used to be so close. God, I was always so jealous of that.”

I had been very close to Cole at one time. “We were just kids. People grow up. Life moves on.”

Despite what I said to Julie, I missed Cole a lot. His mother had married my father when I was just eight years old. You’d expect there would have been a lot of bumps in the road when our families blended, but it had been surprisingly seamless. I still looked back in amazement at how well it had all worked out.

Dad dated Cole’s mother for years before they married. Cole and I had become friends right from the start. I was a tomboy and suddenly I had someone to share adventures with. We spent hours exploring the woods near Cole’s house. If we weren’t kicking a soccer ball around the backyard, Cole was teaching me skateboarding tricks. On hot summer days, we splashed around in the above ground pool at my house from practically sunup to sundown.

When Dad and Marissa announced their engagement, I was genuinely happy. I wanted Marissa to become my real mom and I wanted Cole to be my brother. It felt like I was getting the perfect family. I could barely remember my mother who died suddenly when I was three years old. Not being able to picture her face in my mind used to send me into a spiraling panic, until I had Marissa in my life. When Dad married Marissa, I felt secure again.

The adjustment was more difficult for Cole when our parent’s married. He had to leave his home and school and move in with us. He had to deal with a new father, who was much more of a disciplinarian than his sweet natured mother.

Still, Cole and I got along wonderfully after the wedding. He was the perfect brother. Everything was great, that is, until puberty hit and I realized, literally overnight, how amazingly attractive he was. That seemed to have ruined everything. Even though I had tried desperately to hide my feelings, nothing ever seemed the same between us.

Julie’s elbow nudged me out of my daydream. “Earth to Ava.”

“Sorry,” I turned to Julie, “what were you saying?”

“I was saying…” Julie rolled her eyes in mock exasperation, “that you should invite Cole out for drinks, so that you two could catch up. And of course, I’ll be there, just in case Cole happens to notice me, for once.”

Julie was gorgeous. She never had any problem attracting attention from men. The fact that Cole never seemed to pay any attention to her irritated her to no end. In an maddening ironic twist, his indifference made her infatuation for him grow even deeper.

I tried to hide my creeping annoyance. “Jules, I’m not going to play match-maker for you and Cole again. Remember how it turned out the last time?”

Julie’s shoulders slumped in defeat. She had spent days sullen and angry when the ‘chance’ encounter I had arranged between them didn’t live up to her fantasies.