My Perfect Mistake (Over the Top Book 1)(12)

By: Kelly Siskind

Tonight, proper, poised, and perfect are out the window.

Tonight, I embody the red bra.

When we get to the door, Raven reaches up to knock but pauses. “You guys sure?” We nod, but she lowers her hand. “Shay, since this trip is in your honor, you should do the deed.”

She walks behind me, grabs my hips, and positions me in front of the door. The door housing three hot guys, one of whom might get to see my new lingerie. As I lift my arm, Raven says, “Wait.”

Lily and I flip around with a simultaneous “What?”

“I call dibs on the big guy.”

I snort. “Shocker. Anything else?”

Raven shakes her head, but as I spin around to knock, Lily says, “We need a signal.”

With a huff, I turn my back to the door again. “Like what? If Raven and I are about to hook up, we flash an image of a condom instead of the bat-signal?”

Lily rolls her eyes. “No. If one of us wants out or, I don’t know, feels uncomfortable, we should have a sign that we want to leave.”

“Okay, sure.” Raven smirks. “If a guy puts the moves on you, or doesn’t put the moves on me or Shay, and we get bored, we make the sound of a dying giraffe.”

We stare at each other, lips pulled tight to keep from laughing, until we lose it. Raven cackles, Lily shrieks, and I bend forward in a fit of giggles as we remember the South Park movie Raven forced us to watch during high school. “No, seriously,” I say, my cheeks warm from laughing. “Lily’s right. We don’t know those guys. If anyone feels weird, then just say something like ‘I forgot my credit card at the restaurant.’”

“Done,” Raven says. “Let’s do this.”

We share wicked grins as I flip around, my pulse ticking in my ears. I fist my hand and prepare to live in the moment. Thump thump thump goes my heart, each heavy beat deafening.

“Go on. Do it,” Lily says from behind me, her impulsiveness catchy.

Either Raven’s lashing hit home, or she’s doing this for me. Whatever the reason, I rap my knuckles on the door and wait, every muscle tensed. Singing drifts from a group of girls as they traipse through the snow behind us, but the knob doesn’t twist. Determined, I knock again. As I’m about to pound my fist a third time, the door swings wide. And I nearly swallow my tongue.

“The Bitch,” says the guy from the doorway.

My lip curls. “The Asshole.”



Un-fucking-believable. An hour from this day finally being over, and this girl turns up. I don’t recognize the other two crammed in our doorway, but the Bitch with her full lips and confident air is unforgettable. The way her eyes flare, snapping with irritation, it doesn’t look like she forgot me, either.

“You here to apologize?” I ask. There are a slew of other things I should find out first, like her name or how the hell she found me, but today’s frustrations have festered into the evening, and I haven’t let go of her carelessness.

“Apologize? Okay. Sure. I’m very sorry you skied into me and nearly broke my tailbone. The guilt is all-consuming.” Each word drips with sarcasm, her annoyance clearly still as acute as mine.

“This is the Asshole? And you skied off?” says the dark-haired one beside her. Her thick bangs hang blunt over charcoal eyes, a hint of the exotic in her olive skin.

The boys are up now, Sawyer leaning over my shoulder. “So this is the Bitch. And didn’t we meet you ladies on the hill?” I can’t see his face, but there’s no doubt he’s unleashed his Prince Charming smile. The way the pale blonde blushes, I’d say it’s working.

“Call her the Bitch again, and you boys will be filming your own Hangover sequel,” says the dark-haired girl. “And, yeah, that was us. It was nice of you to help.”

Nico pushes by me and scans the area outside, his cop instincts on high alert. “Everything okay?”

“We’re fine. We were just heading to our condo and saw you gentlemen in here. Seemed a shame not to thank you for your efforts this afternoon. I’m Raven, this is Lily, and this”—she shoots daggers my way—“is Shay. Not sure if you’re alone, but…” Her charcoal eyes dance the length of Nico’s body.

Sawyer doesn’t miss a beat. “Absolutely. I’m Sawyer, the giant is Nico, and the ‘Asshole’ is Kolton. Although I’m open to the name change.”

Raven walks right in, Nico following her like he’s a compass and she’s due north.

Sawyer looks about to hit on Lily when she says, “I have a boyfriend.”

He stops short, then shrugs. “Since my boy and Shay have some unfinished business, you’re forced to hang with me just the same.”