My Perfect Mistake (Over the Top Book 1)(11)

By: Kelly Siskind

“Get over here,” I whisper-yell while waving.

Deep sighs carry across the crisp air, but the girls humor me and trudge back.

“No way,” Raven mumbles when she reaches my side and follows my line of sight. “Isn’t that the guy from today, Lil? The one who helped you?”

Lily inhales sharply. “Wow. Yeah. God, he’s cute.”

We both face her, eyes bugging. “Did you just say wow, Lil?” I ask. “Did the girl who claims she doesn’t need to look at other guys because she has a boyfriend just gawk at the manly perfection in there?”

She swats my arm and is about to reply when Raven adds, “Unlike Kevin, I don’t think your knight in shining armor was on that field trip with you when you first got your monthly friend. Maybe it’s time to upgrade.”

Lily squints, her white-blond brows pulling together. “I’m not even going to dignify that with—”

“And there’s his friend.” Raven’s dreamy tone sends my focus back to our peep show as she attempts to lift her jaw off the snow.

“Holy mother of God,” I say.

Another guy who must’ve been hidden walks from the living area to the adjoining kitchen, and I have no idea how he fit through the front door. Hercules would have a hard-on for those shoulders, every inch of exposed flesh covered with black ink. The guy’s neck is the size of my thigh, his T-shirt clinging to each and every muscle.

Raven stares, transfixed. “That is a lot of man.”

Lily nods. “Too bad the bars didn’t have guys like this. You two could finally get some action and stop dragging me around.”

“Don’t talk to me about getting laid,” Raven shoots back and crosses her arms. “Not unless you can look me in the eye and tell me the last time you had sex with Kevin. And I mean real sex. Not the kind where you fake an orgasm.”

I cringe at Raven’s tone. Unlike me, she’s grown more confident with age, no thanks to her parents. Growing up in a small town, we all knew a little too much about people’s lives. Kids in high school would point and whisper about her father’s gambling issues, her Native American heritage on his side, and her mother’s excessive drinking. When it got around that her sister, older by ten years, had a different father she never met, the gossips crowed with glee. Instead of cowering, Raven punked out à la Miley Cyrus, leading to bad crowds, drugs, and extensive ink. The ink and an attitude are ever-present.

“Enough, Rave. We all know you cried when Max Sloan called you trailer trash. Stop bullying Lily.”

“Bullying? Shay, how many times did I tell you to dump Richard? How many times did I tell you he was sucking the girl I love dry?” When I don’t answer, she turns to Lily. “Sorry it was harsh, but the truth hurts. You seriously need to move on from Kevin. For now, us ladies have a golden opportunity.” She quirks up an eyebrow. “I believe there’s a party in need of crashing.”

Lily’s eyes flick to the peep show, then back to Raven. “God, no.”

“Oh, yes.”

“You’re crazy. What if they’re mass murderers?”

“They stopped to make sure you were okay today,” Raven says. “And the smaller one trudged halfway up the hill to get you your pole. They were nice guys, and our girl here needs a pick-me-up. You sold this trip to Shay by telling her it was the best way to start fresh and get over the Dick. Love that name, by the way,” she says to me, then focuses on Lily. “The hotness in there is her ticket. Do you want to deny her that?”

“But there’s only two guys,” I say before Lily can reply. “And what if they have girlfriends?”

“The worst they can do is send us packing, and Lily’s already said she’s standing by her man, so…”

“There’s a third!” Lily points and jumps before reining herself in. “Not that it means anything. Just, I could have someone to hang out with. Platonically. And talk, you know, while you guys do your thing. I’m not, like, interested.”

I scan the interior but don’t see this mysterious third. “Where is he?”

Lily cranes her neck. “He walked out then turned back toward the hallway.”

“Was he cute?” I ask.

“Kind of like the smaller guy but with longer hair in a ponytail, and he looks like he spends more time at the gym. But not as massive as the big guy.”

The three of us fidget another minute, dancing on the spot to keep warm. A slow smile lights each of our faces as we silently agree to be wild and crazy for the night. I squeal and grab their hands, thrilled I don’t have to go to sleep and dread tomorrow.