My Healer (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 3)(9)

By: Alanea Alder

"Who is that strange woman who has my child?" Rheia asked turning to Colton, her eyes a bit wild.

"That's Meryn, she's Aiden's mate," Colton explained.

"The one that set the car on fire?"

Everyone nodded.

Rheia turned and hurried into the dining room.

Colton looked around fighting to keep a grin off his face. "So. Who's hungry?" He threaded his fingers behind his head and walked into the dining room whistling.


Rheia's hands itched to take Penny away from the odd, short woman, but Penny looked perfectly content sitting on her lap looking at the woman's shirt. Trust her daughter to find another Whovian in the house. She had no one to blame but herself; she had indoctrinated Penny into the fascinating world of Doctor Who when she was desperate to find something the child liked. She stumbled across an old DVD one day and Penny was hooked.

She watched Meryn carefully. "So are the two of you shifters?" she asked pointing to Meryn and Beth.

Beth nodded. "I'm a lepus curpaeums..."

"Beth's a bunny," Meryn interrupted.

"Meryn, quit baiting Beth," Aiden chided then smiled at her. "I'm a bear shifter."

"Who is growly and stubborn, but my teddy bear," Meryn whispered loudly to Penny.

Rheia looked around the table. The dark haired man sitting next to Beth spoke up next. "Gavriel Ambrosis, vampire. I'm also Beth's mate."

"Uuber vampire. Dark Prince, even." Meryn continued with her commentary. Gavriel shook his head smiling at her antics.

The man with long golden hair looked around before continuing. "Guess I'll go next. I'm Darian Vi'Ailean, fae."

"Super tall. Doesn't say a lot, but very sweet. He's always willing to get the hidden boxes of snacks down from the higher shelves for you," Meryn smiled at Darian who winked back.

All eyes swung to the red headed man who was blushing furiously next to Darian.

"I'm Keelan Ashwood, witch," he said, then looked at Meryn anxiously.

"Keelan is very thoughtful and courteous. He always goes out of his way to make sure I have my coffee in the morning." Meryn beamed at Keelan, who laughed nervously.

Rheia turned to Meryn, "What are you?"

"We haven't figured out that out yet," Colton quipped.

Meryn glared daggers at him, but he just laughed. Ignoring him, she turned back to Rheia. "I'm human."

Rheia noticed that Meryn's mate watched Meryn interacting with Penny with a gentle smile on his face. For all his bluff and bluster, he was a softie just like Radek. Rheia gasped and dug for her phone. How could she forget?

"Sweetheart, what is it?" Colton asked, his face filled with concern.

"I need to call home; I need to know if my brothers are okay." She looked down and nearly cursed aloud. Her phone was dead. In all of the chaos, she had forgotten to plug it in while she was driving.

Aiden cleared his throat. "Rheia, Radek called me early this morning. He told me to tell you that everyone was fine. He said he also suspected your mate was here in Lycaonia." He shot a droll look at Colton who grinned back at him. "He said to tell her mate that if he ever hurt her, that his Vanguard squad would come and personally remove your skin one inch at a time. He sounded very serious." Aiden's mouth twitched.

Colton turned to her, a serious expression on his face. "How many brothers do you have?"

She smiled at him sweetly. Now that she knew her family was safe it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. "Five."

He exhaled loudly. "Perfect."

"So who's your favorite doctor?" she heard Meryn ask. Penny held up four fingers.

"Fourth Doctor, huh? Mine's a tie between Ten and Eleven. Ten because he was so painfully lonely and Eleven because he wasn't afraid to kick butt," Meryn explained.

"Congratulations on raising a well-rounded daughter. I personally love Classic Who, not many younger folk go back and watch the older seasons," Beth said turning from Meryn and Penny.

Rheia smiled. "Thank you, Beth, right?" Beth nodded. Rheia paused."Let me ask you something. Is this mating thing real?"

Rheia noticed Colton flinched at her question and ignored it. Love of first sight only happened in cheesy 80's power ballads and fairy tales.

Beth smiled. "It is. I know it must seem strange to you, being human, but I think you already knew the answer to that question before you asked it. For the record, Colton has to be one of the most selfless men I've ever met. I think he'll be a good match for you."

Rheia snorted. "You don't even know me."

Beth raised an eyebrow and leaned back in her chair to look her up and down. "Smell of professional grade antiseptic soap, Gods awful polyester scrubs, Naturalizer shoes and the willingness to adopt a child not even of your own species? RN?" she asked.