My Healer (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 3)(77)

By: Alanea Alder

"It's a very special stone. It let's paranormals know right away if a mommy gets pregnant, that way every precaution can be taken to make sure that mommy and baby are healthy. Since the stone your mommy is holding his glowing, that means she's going to have a baby. You're going to be a big sister, Penny," he explained.

Immediately Penny began to wiggle. Colton set her down and wrapped an arm around Rheia. They watched as Penny hugged Rheia's midsection and kissed her belly multiple times.

"Isn't she just the cutest little thing?" Aiden said proudly.

"You up to being Athair to my other child?" Colton asked.

Aiden clapped him on the back several times. "Of course! Also, Meryn and I both decided, we would like you to be Athair to my son as well."

Colton shook his best friend's hand.

"Daughter!" Meryn said stubbornly.

Aiden frowned and Colton laughed.

Rheia walked over carrying Penny. Aiden moved to one side pulling Meryn into his arms as Colton did the same with Rheia. His whole world was now complete.

"I love you Rheia Bradley. I love you Penny Carmichael," he said kissing both of his angels.

"And I love you too Colton Albright." Rheia rested her head on his chest.

Penny looked from him to Rheia and back.

"Love you, Mommy and Papa."

Everyone around them quieted. Radek and the rest of Rheia's brothers crowded around. Behind them Sascha and the Gamma Unit pushed closer.

Rheia looked up at him then down to Penny. "What did you say, baby?" she asked her voice shaking.

Penny pointed to her. "Love you, Mommy." She then pointed to Colton. "Love you, Papa."

Colton whooped loudly and pulled Penny into his arms. He threw her in the air, laughing, unable to keep the joy from spilling over.

"I love you too, Penny! You're our perfect Christmas miracle." He and Rheia snuggled her close.

He had his mate and daughter with another child on the way.

Life didn't get better than this.


Darian slipped away from the festivities. He smiled widely at the strangers who passed him in the hallway nodding his head and tipping his hat at the ladies. He got into the carriage and whistled as it wove slowly through the quiet streets of Lycaonia. Everyone in the city was at the Midwinter Ball.

The carriage dropped him off at the Alpha estate and he used his key to get in. He walked up the long staircase and headed to his personal suite. Once the door was closed he loosened his tie and walked over to dresser.

He stared into the mirror, his reflection visible by the light of the moon. He relaxed his face and let the smile slide away. He'd been dreaming of his mate almost nightly, but in his heart he knew it was too late. He watched as his lavender eyes flickered to black.

He was almost lost.