My Healer (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 3)(5)

By: Alanea Alder

"Oh, honey, you're breaking my heart," Levi muttered and pulled her head close to kiss the top of it.

"You love us, Pumpkin Dumpling, but your mate will complete you in ways that we never will. You're our kid sister. But you'll be his mate, his partner, his equal. He'll see sides of you, we, and correct me if I'm wrong gentlemen, never want to see. You're our kid sister for crying out loud!" Radek said, the tips of his ears turning red.

"Ahh, you mean sex." Rheia grinned.

Levi gasped and covered Penny's ears. Rheia rolled her eyes. "It's a natural part of life Levi."

"Not for you," Marco grumbled.

"If he hurts you, just call us. We have no problem explaining very thoroughly how he should treat our baby sister," Athan said, his blue eyes turning dark.

Rheia turned to Penny. "I wonder what they'll be like when you find your mate?" For a second Rheia thought she saw the hint of a smile on Penny's face.

"That will never happen! Our Penny Baby isn't allowed to mate. Ever," Marco said, growling.

Penny rolled her eyes. Rheia's heart swelled with pride. Penny may not be her daughter by blood, but this tiny kiddo was turning out just like her.

"Okay, enough crazy talk. You head to Lycaonia, find your mate, tell him if he hurts you we'll skin him alive and Penny stays a baby girl forever. Got that?" Radek demanded.

"Yes, sir!" Rheia laughed, taking Penny from his arms.

She was just about to head towards the garage when she heard a loud bang and the sound of splintering wood.

"Run for it!" Radek yelled. The men turned and ran towards the family room, blocking the danger so she and Penny could escape.

Heart in her throat, Rheia clutched Penny tightly and ran into the garage. She opened the driver's side door and got in. Penny scrambled over to the passenger seat and hit the button to lock the doors.

"Good girl! Now, get the seatbelt on and hold on tight. We don't have time to get you in your car seat," she said and started the car. She hit the garage door button. Slower than she could remember it ever moving in the past the door rose. Before the door was completely up, the same feral from her nightmare appeared behind her car, grinning at her in the rear view mirror.

"I don't think so!" she muttered and threw the car in reverse. Pressing her foot down on the accelerator she had a second to appreciate the surprised look on his face before he disappeared under her car. Both she and Penny bounced up and down as they ran him over.

The car screeched to a halt at the bottom of the driveway before she executed a 'K' point turn that would have made her father proud. She slammed her foot down on the gas pedal and sped away.

After a few minutes, a small, warm hand took hers. She looked over and saw Penny was watching her closely. There was neither fear nor panic on her face. Her brave angel was trying to comfort her.

"Oh, baby, we'll be okay, and your uncles will be okay too. We'll get settled in Lycaonia and they'll come to visit and this will seem like a really bad dream. You'll see." Penny nodded and pulled her hand up and kissed it sweetly.

"I love you too baby girl. I know one thing, my mate has a hell of a lot to live up to." Rheia said, trying not to think of what could be happening to the men they'd left behind.

Looking serious Penny nodded again. She let go of her hand and popped her left thumb into her mouth.

"Get some sleep, baby. I'll drive for a bit to put some distance between us and the house. Then we'll stop for a snack somewhere and I'll put you in your car seat, okay?"

Penny nodded again.

Radek, Athan, Dax, Marco, Levi... you better be okay.


Colton leaned against the SUV and sighed. He looked down the long, dark dirt road that circled the outskirts of Lycaonia. There was still no sign of their unexpected visitor. When Aiden had knocked on his door the night before to ask him to take this early morning lookout, he jumped at the chance. He'd do anything to avoid another sleepless night. Looking out at the pre-dawn sky, he had to admit even if only to himself, that the odds that this was his mate on her way to him was slim, but waiting out here in the frigid temperatures was preferable to watching his mate be killed in his dreams.

In the distance he could see a faint glow. As it moved closer he realized that it was a car coming towards him. He pushed away from his SUV and walked until he was in the middle of the road. The sun was just coming up, providing enough light for him not to worry about being run over. Slowly the car rolled to a stop a good distance away, seconds later the driver's side door opened and a small figure got out.

"Hello there!" he called. "My name is Colton Albright; I'm your escort into Lycaonia."

"How do I know that?" a female voice yelled.