My Guardian (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 6)(86)

By: Alanea Alder

Adriel shook his head. "Just this once; do you know how much fat is in pork?"

Laughing, she dragged her mate back to the transport tunnel. She knew she'd spend the rest of their lives trying to get her mate to try fat-laden, sugar-filled foods, just like he would probably use that amazing body of his to get her to try different yoga moves. Together, they balanced each other perfectly, just as they were supposed to.


Declan stood in Broderick's lab and eyed the door. In his dreams, his mate's frantic eyes pleaded with him through the glass panel to get the door open as flames licked at her body.

"Declan, son, is there anything I can do for you? Not hurt are you?" Broderick asked, looking surprised.

"No sir, I'm fine. Just curious about your door."

Broderick beamed. "Magnus got that for me. Biometric lock. Only Caspian and I can enter."

Declan swallowed hard. "Is there a biometric lock to leave?"

Broderick frowned. "Of course not. Go ahead and try it yourself."

Declan walked over to the door and turned the handle. The light flashed from red to green and it opened easily. He allowed it to close again.

"You heading up to the barbecue? Caspian can easily take us both up there," Broderick offered.

"Did a handsome scientist mention me?" Caspian asked coming in from the storage area.

"Yes, love. You ready?"

"Born ready. Shall we go see our daughter? She has been so busy with that housing project, I do not feel like we have seen her at all," Caspian pouted.

"Then by all means, let's go to her now." Broderick offered his mate his elbow.


"Right, yes, an escort would be very appreciated. Thank you." Declan smiled tightly.

Broderick and Caspian walked out and the door shut. Taking a deep breath, Declan turned the handle.

"You just keep opening like you're supposed to," Declan muttered to the door under his breath.

Ever since Eva's attack proved Adriel's dream had been partially true, he feared his dreams. You could give a vampire or shifter blood and get them to heal, but how could he save his mate from fire?

He was torn between praying he never met his mate and praying that he'd hurry up and find her. That way he could tuck her safely away from laboratory doors.

Be safe, love.