My Guardian (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 6)(8)

By: Alanea Alder

She gave them a goofy grin. "Thanks!"

Kuruk shook his head and looked at Gavriel "She always seems to trip or fall at the exact same points throughout the city. If you stay close, we can teach you where they are."

Gavriel nodded with a tight smile. "Perhaps you can let her go now?"

Meryn giggled and poked Gavriel in the ribs. "Your eye is twitching."

Tarak chuckled. "No need to get riled up, Your Highness; we have been watching over Bethy since before she could walk. Kuruk and I would rotate with a witch healer to keep her safe."

Kuruk nodded, an absent look on his face. "Remember the time she almost suffocated in her crib by wrapping herself up like a burrito?"

Tarak shuddered. "Gods, yes. That was just the beginning."

Gavriel's eyes widened in surprise. "You have been with her that long?"

They both nodded.

Gavriel walked over and extended his arm to Tarak in greeting. He clasped arms with both of them. "Thank you. Thank you for keeping her alive."

The men exchanged looks, and each clapped a hand on Gavriel's shoulder. "We know your pain." The three of them seemed to share a moment.

"I'm right here!" Bethy exclaimed.

"Now, now angel, you know they are not exaggerating." Magnus wrapped an arm around Bethy's shoulders.

"It's embarrassing," she admitted.

"They love you. They've watched after you since you were a baby. That's not embarrassing," Meryn said quietly.

Bethy stepped away from her uncle and pulled Meryn into a hug. "You have us now."

Meryn nodded then turned her attention to Magnus. "Yeah, the human runt is here."

Magnus winced and then turned to Micah who nodded. Micah began whispering a spell. "Tarak, the door."

Tarak walked over and closed the door as Micah was finishing the soundproofing spell.

Meryn crossed her arms. "Okay, spill it. What in the hell is going on?"

The joy from Bethy's arrival seemed to drain out of Magnus. He looked at the group before turning to Aiden. "My people are disappearing."

Meryn sat down on one of the couches. "Well, fuck!"

Adriel couldn't have said it better himself.


"This sounds vaguely familiar," Ryuu murmured.

Aiden nodded then tuned to Magnus. "What have you heard about what happened in Lycaonia?"

Magnus shot a look to Meryn who crossed her eyes at him. He smiled. "I heard you are mated to a walking disaster who destroyed the city square and leveled the Council Manor."

Meryn gasped. "That's so not fair! Kendrick leveled the Council Manor; I just coated everything in flour glue."

Magnus continued. "I also heard that you started taking in paranormals around Lycaonia since it was not safe for single families to be alone, that they were being hunted down and killed by a new faction of ferals."

Aiden nodded. "Did you get the report on the necklaces?"

Magus walked over to a polished wooden sideboard and picked up a file. He began to flip through the pages. "According to the last report I got from your father and René, the necklaces are being created by using the souls of unborn shifters to house the abilities of their shifter parents and also halt the decay process, which eliminates the foul odor we have used over the centuries to track and find ferals. Amongst those hunted to near extinction are chameleon shifters, which give these new ferals the ability to become invisible."

"Gods help us!" Tarak whispered.

"Reapers." Meryn corrected.

Magnus paused. "I am sorry darling, what?"

"Anne helped us name the super ferals. We're calling them reapers, like the Grim Reaper, because they take souls," Meryn explained.

Magnus blinked and then picked up a pen. He wrote down the word on the paper. "That is a very apt name."

Meryn shrugged. "We liked it."

Adriel felt as if his blood was about to boil. "And why were the units not told?"

Magnus winced. "At the time, it was believed that this was confined to Lycaonia. Recent events have proved that assumption false. I am counting on you to get the men up to speed."

Adriel clenched his teeth together to keep from being disrespectful to his prince. "Yes, sire."