My Guardian (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 6)(5)

By: Alanea Alder

Meryn frowned. "I could have ordered for myself."

Bethy looked at him, and Adriel nodded. She sighed and turned to Meryn. "Noctem Falls doesn't receive many human visitors; it's best to let the men order for you."

Meryn tilted her head. "How will they get used to dealing with humans, if the few times humans visit, a unit member runs interference?"

Adriel blinked. He had never thought of it like that.

Meryn sighed and walked after Etain, Ryuu right behind her. When she popped up beside Etain, the fae looked back to where they stood, a questioning look on his face. Adriel nodded. Etain stepped closer to Meryn in a protective manner.

Adriel turned to Bethy. "Is she always like this?"

Bethy smiled. "If you mean does she somehow manage to look into the heart of matters and deal with things in an efficient and fair manner, the answer is yes. She may not do well with strangers, but she definitely marches to the beat of her own drum."

"How remarkable," he murmured.

At the food vendor, the vampire who was handing over the kebabs was smiling down at Meryn and laughing. Meryn stuck her tongue out at the man making him cackle harder. A second kebab joined the first and Meryn's face lit up. She took a bite off the first stick and began bopping around in an impromptu little dance.

The next vendor down, who had watched the entire interaction with curiosity, leaned over his counter and shouted to Meryn. "If you like those, you have to try some of my meat pies. On the house and welcome!"

Beside him, Declan exclaimed, "What?"

Aiden turned to him. "What is the matter? Is she safe?"

Adriel shook his head and just stared. "Old man Richter does not give anything away. He usually charges people he does not like double, just because he can. If he could get away with charging for napkins, he would; he is that tight with a dollar. He must be taken with your mate."

Meryn made a beeline to the pie vendor. She handed her squire two empty sticks and hopped from foot to foot in anticipation of her next treat.

With a gentle smile, the older vampire handed Meryn a napkin-wrapped pie. She smiled up at him and took a bite. She swallowed quickly and began to blow on the hot snack.

"I'll be damned. How did she charm that old bastard?" Micah whispered.

"She's Meryn," Bethy said, an amused look on her face.

Adriel turned to Aiden. "You never stood a chance, did you?"

Aiden shook his head. "Nope. She beat me into submission. I'm glad though; I've never been happier."

Startled, Declan turned to their commander. "She beat you? Sir?"

Aiden smiled wide and rubbed his chin. He looked at Declan and winked. "And set my car on fire. But I'll tell you all about that later, when were in a less public place."

Declan nodded then turned and stared at Meryn who was waving her meat pie around, exclaiming it to be the best meat pie in the whole world.

"Look at their faces," Micah said, pointing to the crowd. "They're enchanted by her."

"They do not see many pregnant women nowadays. It has been quite some time since our last birth here in the city." Adriel sighed.

"As soon as we show Aiden and Meryn the city, we need to meet with my uncle," Bethy said before she looped her arm around his.

Adriel patted her hand. "Of course, dearest."

"She's going to eat herself sick," Aiden said as Meryn was invited to another food cart.

"Today is a hungry day, Aiden. Let her get as much nutrition as possible. Tomorrow could be a sick day," Beth admonished.

Aiden nodded quickly. "I know; I just don't know where she puts it. She's only so big."

"She is eating for two, sir," Micah added.

Aiden turned to Adriel. "Later, I want to talk to you about something that happened up at the portal."

Adriel inclined his head. "Of course, sir."

After another twenty minutes of bouncing from vendor to vendor, Meryn patted her belly. She waved goodbye to everyone and walked back over to where they waited. "The food here is amazing!" She looked up at her squire. "Can you learn how to make those little meat pies?"

Ryuu nodded. "Of course, denka."

"I am glad that were able to find something you liked." Adriel nodded his head to the open square where dozens of merchants were set up.