My Defender (Bewitched and Bewildered Book 8)(84)

By: Alanea Alder

"We will let you go," his mother said. She looked at Meryn. "We can do this again soon? Maybe not in the prince's quarters?"

Meryn nodded. "I can hook you up in my batcave."

His mother frowned. "Batcave? There are bats in Noctem Falls?"

Grayson coughed to hide his smile. "I'll reach out to you later Meryn, to schedule something." He looked at Grant. "I gave her my phone number. I'd like to get to know my older brother."

Grant smiled. "You have a quite a few here."

Grayson looked around. "That I do." He smiled at Ellie. "Take good care of my brother."

"I will," she promised.

When Meryn ended the call and turned off the television, Grant felt like someone had let all the air out of him, and he collapsed back on the love seat yet again. "I have a little brother."

Kendrick's smile was a bit sad. "They can be annoying, but they are worth it."

Grant looked over at Meryn. "What made you reach out to them?"

Meryn shrugged. "I didn't want your dad getting away with hurting you. So I talked to some of the peeps in my cult, and they referred me to this guy who said he was in your dad's pack. Then I kinda cyberstalked a few Facebook profiles until I found your mom and then your brother. When I messaged them, they were shocked you were still alive, and the rest kinda just happened."

Aiden pulled his mate on to his lap. "Please stop referring to your Facebook Group as your cult."

"No way! They're teaching me how to be sexy."

Aiden's eyes took on a calculating look. "Oh?" he said, sounding only somewhat interested. Grant knew from recent experiences with his mate that whoever she was talking to was on the commander's hit list.

"What did they tell you?" Aiden asked.

She turned to her mate. "The guys said I'm a fetish!"

Aiden's eyebrows snapped together. "What! No you're not! Who have you been talking to? Who told you that?"

Meryn's eyes narrowed. "I am so a fetish. They said I should stop trying to be sultry and be a lollicon."

"A what?" Aiden asked darkly.

"I'm not sure of all the ins and outs of it, but it's basically where guys like small, cute girls instead of sexy pin-up models like Ellie." Meryn pointed to Grant's mate.

"I am not a pin-up model," Ellie protested.

Meryn rolled her eyes. "You're forgetting my impression of you when we first met. Pillows." Meryn rounded her hands over her chest.

Grant chuckled as his mate blushed. He leaned in. "You do have wonderful pillows."

"Grant!" she hissed in embarrassment.

"See it's perfect for me. I'm a lollipop fetish." Meryn crossed her arms over her chest.

Anne frowned. "That may be something different."

Kendrick chuckled. "Don't encourage her."

Stefan glared at Aiden. "You are a dirty old man."

"I am not a dirty old man!" Aiden roared. He pinned his mate with a glare. "You are not a lollipop!"

"I can be a fetish if I want to!"

Grant sat back and took a sip of Ellie's wine. The room was full of people; they were loud, the noise almost overwhelming, but for once, he didn't mind.

They were chaotic and nuts and rowdy, but within him his wolf settled down and laid his head on his paws. With one eye open, he watched over his family, and for the first time in his life, Grant felt like he had found his way home.


Etain watched as Grant reeled from the news about his family. As Meryn argued with her mate about being a fetish, Etain was left to wonder if Grant's nightmare had come true.

They both shared the same fear that death stalked their mates. What he hadn't told even Grant was that his dream had been different. Darkness hadn't swirled around his mate; it swirled inside of her.

He prayed to Fate for the chance to save his mate from the darkness. He knew if he could just bring her into the warmth and light of what was quickly becoming his family, she would have a chance.

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