My Best Friend's Brother(8)

By: Amy Brent

“Get out of here. What are you adding?” I asked.

“A second location,” she said.

“What the fuck, Emma? That’s great!”

“Yep. I finally have the money to do it, and I just hit a point where I’m turning clients away. I’m going to look at places tomorrow, and I’m looking to sign off on a place Friday.”

“This Friday?” I asked. “As in three days from now?”

“Yep. Been narrowing it down, and I have it between two places. I want it close enough to where I can send people there without it being an inconvenience to them. One place is three blocks down the road and one is two blocks up.”

“I’m so happy for you,” I said. “Really.”

“Thanks,” she said, smiling. “And look. I know you’re lonely sometimes. I get it. I really do. Being the badass bitches we are doesn’t leave a lot of time for lovin’.”

I giggled and shook my head as she continued.

“But you know that’s how it always starts. You say it’s nothing serious, then pretty soon you’re into it like you were with Cody. Like you were with—”

“Don’t say his name.”

“Okay. I won’t. But you get my point, right?” she asked.

“All right. All right. I won’t call him. Got it,” I said.

“Thank you. Trust me, you thank me for it later.”

“I still wish you had a dick,” I said, grinning.

“We can always just move in together and Thelma and Louise it up for the rest of our lives.”

“Minus the driving off a cliff. Feet stay firmly planted,” I said.



“Bungee jumping?”


“Plunging over Niagara Falls?”

“I’d rather set myself on fire,” I said.

“Let’s get you a dildo,” she whispered just as our food came.

“Could I take a picture of that trip and put it on social media?”

We laughed through the rest of our dinner, Mason’s number quickly forgotten as I tossed my pants into the hamper once I got home.

Chapter 4


It’d been two days since I’d left my number with Sarah’s assistant, and I hadn’t heard a peep. Not a phone call. Not a text message. Not a voice mail.


This never happened. Women practically fell over themselves to call me. I honestly expected her to be on the phone with me that evening, but I gave her assistant the benefit of the doubt. But last night? I should’ve definitely heard from her. I should’ve already had a date set up with her somewhere nice. I should’ve already been picking out my suit, what car I’d pick her up in, as well as what present I’d drip across her skin before plowing between her legs later on that evening.

There was only one logical explanation for this bullshit.

She had an incompetent assistant.

The assistant probably lost the note or even kept it for herself. I had to admit, her assistant wasn’t too bad looking, but that wasn’t who I had my eye on. I had my eye on those luscious curves and those thick thighs. I had dreams of biting into the meat of her skin, marking her as my own before making her come onto my tongue. I had thoughts of denying her the pleasure she wanted so badly until tears of frustration rose to her eyes.

I thought about tying her to my bed with her legs spread open, ready and waiting for me to take her whenever my cock swelled and needed her.

I’d just have to go down to the studio myself. If her ignorant assistant couldn’t deliver a simple message, then I’d just have to do it myself. I left the hotel early and closed it down before I tossed myself into my convertible. I drove away from the paparazzi who were clamoring for a photo and a quote and quickly made my way downtown. For all the country Dallas choked down, it really was a city that was alive and well with beautiful women. Intricately designed cowgirl boots coupled with short skirts that left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

It was a man’s paradise, this city.

I parked right outside of the studio and saw Sarah leaving the building, and she looked absolutely delectable. She had on this tight, form-fitting onesie looking thing. All black except for an orange belt that wrapped around her waist. Her broad shoulders and tits were accentuated by the small of her waist while her thick legs clicked in black heels I wanted her to keep on in bed. I got out of my car and walked up beside her, startling her as her black-rimmed glasses turned up toward me.

The way her blue eyes sparkled made me want to kiss her right then and there.

“Mr. Baker. What in the world are you doing here?”