Mr. Irresistible(73)

By: Karina Bliss

Remember the conversation around the campfire when I said I’d never met the right woman and Mike said, “Maybe you were never the right man?” We were both right.

Intrigued now, she undid the ribbons on the box and lifted the last of the tissue paper. For a moment Kate stared blankly at the contents, then started to tremble. The box fell, spilling the contents across the navy carpet.

Dropping to her knees, she scrambled to capture the loose strands and returned them to the skein of hair, which lay like spun gold half in, half out of the box. It was like trying to pick up fairy dust.

She rocked back on her heels and covered her face with her hands. “You cut your hair,” she whispered, and burst into tears.

Through her trembling fingers she caught sight of another card, still lying in the box.

You’re the right woman, Kate. I’m ready to be the right man.

SHIRTLESS, JORDAN WAS attracting a lot of female interest, poolside at the Cook Islands Beach Resort.

Returning from an afternoon with her father, Kate stood for a moment in the hotel’s tropical gardens, lush with palms, exotic blooms and sweet-smelling gardenias, admiring her new husband and smiling as every woman who caught sight of him did a double take. Sorry, ladies, he’s all mine.

Oblivious to the attention, Jordan stretched out in a deck chair with a drink and a book he wasn’t really reading. He was waiting for her. Kate could tell by the way he glanced up every time someone came through the hotel lobby.

With his short blond hair disheveled from a swim, and a five o’clock shadow closer to midnight, he looked rugged and as sexy as hell. He kept telling her she was shallow because she was insisting he grow his hair back; she was happy to admit it.

On impulse, Kate swapped the red hibiscus Fay had given her to her left ear, reclaiming her single status, and stepped out from behind the buttercup tree. Even after a week of marriage, meeting those blue eyes could still make her blush. He had a wicked ability to conjure erotic images with one intense glance.

This time Kate returned a slow, sensual smile, then her gaze swept provocatively over his half-naked body. Amused, Jordan leaned back in the deck chair and returned her scrutiny—and then some.

Kate crossed her arms to make sure he didn’t miss the cleavage under her pretty green dress.

Jordan’s eyes lifted to meet hers and his answer was most definitely yes.

Kate started to laugh. “Let me think about it,” she called.

Jordan got up. Oh boy, she knew what that look meant.

But she stood her ground. Her new husband was going to have to learn he couldn’t daunt her. He stopped a foot away. “Wife,” he said lovingly, “you just reminded me of one lesson I’ve been meaning to teach you.”

“What’s that, big guy?” Kate teased, knowing she was safe in this crowd.

She gasped as Jordan picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. “I’m going to teach you, Mrs. King, why little girls shouldn’t tease big boys,” he said, and carried her, laughing and breathless, to bed.