Mistress By Blackmail(94)

By: Caro LaFever

Her palm caressed him, finally. Her hand tightened around his hardness.

With a sudden cry, he grabbed her hand, tugging it away. “Ho bisogno di te.”

His big body was on top of her and then, he was inside her. She arched into his taking, her body rejoicing in his need. His eyes were a wild silver light as he gazed down at her.

“I need you,” he moaned, with a tone of utter surrender slurring the words.

It was his need that had driven him to surrender to her demand and accept her challenge a year ago.

She hadn’t been sure. Not at all.

Yet he’d proved himself over and over and over. Often at first, she’d see him physically vibrate with tension as he left a problem at work to Matt. Sometimes she would see the struggle visible on his face as he turned his phone off. However, eventually, she saw him shrug off a work issue to another day or another person.

She’d stopped taking her birth control two months ago.

“Ho bisogno di te,” he demanded.

Her soul responded to his want and need. Her body accepted and embraced his. Her words were intense and passionate as she gazed into her husband’s eyes. “You have me.”

A quick smile of pure possession crossed his face. Then his face tightened, his jaw clenched, his sex took over. Instead of words now, they communicated with their bodies.

He set a quick pace, his body jerking and plunging in a driving ride, pushing her faster and faster into a climax. It broke over her, and her mind went blank as the feelings swelled and her body bonded with her lover. Her mate. His hoarse cry echoed in the small room as he followed her into the bliss they created together.

The slight breeze drifted across them, cooling their hot skin.

She lazily slid her fingers on his back, feeling the muscles relax. His mouth nibbled on her chin and neck, murmuring low Italian praise into her ears. He finally lifted himself off her and to her side. One large male hand fell on her belly.

His gaze was filled with a masculine satisfaction. And a sliver of silver relief.

She should have known he’d figure it out. The amount of attention and care he gave her would have given him some clues. Plus, he had a way of reading her which was a bit uncanny. He was quickly developing into the most sensitive man she’d ever met.

“Bloody hell,” she said, giving him a mock pout. “You know.”

“Si,” he responded, his eyes dancing with delight. “I am a smart man.”

“And a virile one.” Her hand touched his jaw, reveling in the coarse shadow of hair.

“That, too.” He watched his hand as it moved across her flat belly. He glanced back at her and gave her a blinding smile. His signature dimples appeared, entrancing her as always. “You trust me, don’t you, carita?”

“Si.” She gave him a grin filled with happiness. “I trust you. You proved to me I would be safe in your love.”

“I am a man who keeps his promises.” His grey gaze was clear as glass and she saw right into his soul.

All healed. All love. All hers.

“I know.” Her eyes filled with tears. Happy tears this time. “That’s why I trust you with my heart.”

“Darcy.” His eyes glowed and glimmered with happy tears of his own.

“And my love,” she whispered.

The Great Man gave her another smile filled with his own love and leaned down to kiss her.