Mine To Take

By: Cynthia Eden


Blood dripped into her eyes. Pain rolled through her body, and she tried to fight it, tried to break free, but she couldn’t.


The metal had twisted around her. It held her in a grip too tight and too hard, and every move she made just caused her to hurt even more.

She screamed for help, but no one was there to save her.

The rain poured down, pelting through the broken windshield. Her car had rolled, again and again, down the incline. Would anyone from the road even be able to see her?

“I’m here!” She screamed again.

Every part of her body hurt. Broken glass was all around her. The blood and rain mixed together on her face.

She begged for help until her voice broke.

Until the rain stopped.

Until the pain finally stopped.

There was nothing left, nothing but the darkness.

It was in that darkness that she heard his voice.

“I’m here…I’ve got you…”

And when she heard him, she was afraid.

Chapter One

Skye Sullivan stared up at the building before her. It shot high into the sky, its massive windows gleaming in the light. There were too many floors for her to count. Looking more like a fortress than an office, the place spoke of power.

And money. A lot of it.

“Miss?” The doorman eyed her with a hint of concern in his dark eyes.

Probably because she was standing in the middle of the street, gawking up at the place. Skye gave a quick shake of her head, pulled her coat a bit closer around her, and hurried inside that fortress. Getting out of that icy Chicago air was a relief for her.

Another man waited behind the gleaming desk in the lobby. She glanced to the left and the right, and Skye nervously noted the security cameras that followed her every move.

Cautiously now, she approached the desk. “I, um, I’m looking for Trace Weston.”

The man, in his early twenties and sporting a stylish blue suit, raised his brows at her. “Do you have an appointment?”

Not exactly. She’d barely gathered the courage to actually head into this place. Twice that morning, she’d turned around and almost gone back to her home.

I need him.

Skye straightened her shoulders. “No, I don’t have an appointment.”

His eyes narrowed.

She rushed on, saying, “My name is Skye Sullivan, and I-I’m an…old friend of his.” Okay, so that part that wasn’t exactly the truth.

But she was desperate. No, more than that. She was scared.

When she’d done a search looking for private detectives in the area, Weston Securities had immediately popped up on her computer screen. As soon as she’d seen the name, Skye’s whole body had tensed.

Trace Weston. Some men left a mark on a woman, a mark that went far beneath the skin.

Trace had marked her years before.

His company was way out of her price range, Skye got that. The lobby even smelled expensive. And, after the accident, pretty much everything was out of her range, but she didn’t have a choice.

She had to get Trace to help her.

Besides, they had been friends once.

Before they’d been lovers. Before everything had gone to hell.

The guy in the fancy suit looked down at his computer. “I don’t think you understand just how busy Mr. Weston’s schedule is, ma’am. If you’d like to speak with one of the junior associates here, I’m sure that we can find someone available.”

Her heartbeat thudded in her ears. A junior associate. Right. Well, that was certainly better than nothing.

The phone on the man’s desk rang. “Excuse me,” he murmured as he reached for the phone.

Skye nodded. Her cheeks were burning. Had she really thought that she could get Trace to help her? That she could just walk into this place and he’d be there for her? After all the time that had passed, she’d be lucky if the guy even remembered her.

If only I could have forgotten him.

“Y-yes, sir. Right now.” A sharp note of nervousness had entered the man’s voice.

Skye glanced back at him as he hurriedly put the phone down. His eyes, a warm gray, had come back to her. Now there was some definite curiosity in his stare. “You’re to go right up, Ms. Sullivan.” He pushed a clipboard toward her. “Sign in first, then I’ll take you to the elevator.”