Milking His Mom, Breeding His Sister

By: Amber Adams

[Mommy Fantasies 03]

Leon’s stepmother was eight months pregnant with his child. Their love of lactating sex still made their sex hot beyond belief.

Tanya, Beth’s hot stepdaughter from her first marriage, moved in to help. It turned out she wanted a baby of her own. Beth wanted Leon to father her baby, too. Could they seduce the young woman? Would she love her mother’s milk as much as he did?

Sequel to Milking His Mom

Warning: This erotic short story contains explicit sex between consenting adults. The plot involves adult breastfeeding (lactation) between a man, his stepmother, and her stepdaughter. The plot also involves the willing impregnation of the stepdaughter. All sexually active characters are over the age of eighteen and are not biologically related to one another.

Milking His Mom, Breeding His Sister


Leon heard his stepmother’s car pull up outside the cabin as he was putting the final touches on dinner. Of course, she wasn’t actually his stepmother anymore. She’d divorced his dad last year for being a cheating jerk and was eight months along with Leon’s child. They’d be getting married in just a few weeks.

He’d tried to tell her they could wait until after the baby was born, or do the whole Justice of the Peace thing, but Beth wasn’t hearing any of that. She wanted the whole enchilada before she gave birth: church wedding, wedding dress, and all the trimmings. She’d even invited his dad just to rub his nose in things.

Leon had quietly gone behind her back and burned his dad’s invitation in the fireplace. They didn’t need him ruining their special day.

The last year had proved to be exciting. His relationship with Beth was fabulous. They enjoyed many of the same things and those that they didn’t we’re fun to try anyway. Not to mention, the sex was out of this world.

Their shared interest in lactation hadn’t worn off. She was still producing milk for little one year-old Mandy, even though she was pregnant again, which made for even kinkier sex. Holding her large belly while he fucked her was indescribable. His only regret was that he couldn’t nurse while screwing her anymore.

On the down side, everyone in town looked at them as if they were committing incest. Legally, they weren’t, but that didn’t stop the gossip and nasty comments. He knew his dad was responsible for most of it, but he had to admit Beth and his relationship was out of the ordinary.

He regularly told various people to go screw themselves. The two of them were happy and that was all that really mattered.

He took the pasta off the stove and drained it. Wiping his hands on a dishrag, he headed up front to welcome his lady. He wished she’d just move in with him, but she was stubborn. She wanted to be married before they set up house.

She was just climbing out of her car when he stepped onto the porch. Tanya, her stepdaughter from her first marriage, was helping her out. She needed to have someone take her around, because she couldn’t fit behind the wheel anymore. She was huge.

Today Beth had dressed in tan stretchy pants and a matching maternity blouse. Or circus tent, as she called it. Her face lit up when he came down to give her a big hug.

“Hey, sexy,” she murmured in his ear. “I’ve missed you.”

He kissed her unhurriedly. “You saw me last night.”

“Oh, yes, I certainly did. But that was too long ago. I needed to see you now.”

Leon watched Tanya roll her eyes good naturedly as she got Mandy out of the car seat and grabbed the diaper bag. The young woman hadn’t been shy in needling them for their age difference or their syrupy sweet exchanges since she had arrived to help her former stepmother. She was actually a year older than Leon.

He watched her reach into the car for the other bag with appreciation. Her tight jeans highlighted a tight little ass. He loved his fiancée, but he wasn’t dead.

“She’s doing it again, isn’t she?” Beth asked. “I can feel your dick getting hard.”

“I think she bends over like that on purpose,” he said with a soft chuckle. “But I’m only interested in you.”

“Liar.” She smiled wickedly. “I think that little roleplaying scene we did last week proved that to our mutual satisfaction.”