Mated To The Vikens (Interstellar Brides Book 8)

By: Grace Goodwin

Interstellar Brides, Book 8

Chapter One


His hands were so skilled, stroking over me. I was on a soft bed, the man beside me. I felt every hard inch of him press along my side as he learned me with the soft touch of his fingertips. They ran expertly over my bare flesh, making me shiver, making me gasp, making me eager for more. But his hand didn’t stop.

My eyes were closed and I just reveled in the feel of him, and when I wanted more, he began to touch me with his other hand. One on my breast, the other sliding over the curls between my thighs.

“Open for me.”

I didn’t hesitate to comply with his husky order, parting my legs eagerly. Fingers slipped over my wet folds and taunted the eager bud.

The sound that escaped my lips was part moan, part gasp. My arousal, which had been keen before, flared to life like a match on the driest of tinder. And when one digit slid deep inside me, I arched my back and cried out.


“You like being filled, don’t you?” he asked.

I nodded my head against the soft pillow.

“Do you want my cock?”

Did I? Did I want the single finger that curled and stroked deep inside me to be replaced by his cock?

“Yes,” I breathed.

He took my hand in his and brought it down to his hard length. I wrapped my fingers around him, but my grip wouldn’t close all the way. As I slid up and down the velvety length, I felt wetness seep onto my skin. The contact was hot, almost burning and I loosened my fingers.

“Do not be afraid.” His hand came over mine as he began to stroke himself, showing me how he liked it, not allowing me to let go.

“My seed. You feel it, the power of it seeping into your skin?”

My palm was slick with his essence. It was so hot, almost burning, but it felt good. Too good. I was ready to come and he’d barely touched me.

“You’re mine now. Your body knows it, recognizes my seed. Wants it. Needs it.”

“Yes,” I repeated. I could not deny him. While it seemed odd that I would react in such a visceral way to contact with his pre-cum, I wasn’t going to question it. He was making me feel too good.

“She’s ready for us.” A second male voice spoke.

I turned my head, opened my eyes, but it was too dark to make out anything more than silhouettes. Two men loomed over me, and when I felt another hand on my body, I knew both of them were touching me.

I wanted to move, to question why two men were in bed with me when the second man took my hand in his and directed it straight to his cock as well. Once I held him firmly, too, he let go and began touching me.

Two cocks! So big and thick, hot and hard. I felt the heat from the second man’s pre-cum coat my fingers, seep into my skin. I gasped as my entire body heated, my blood becoming sluggish, my skin becoming slick with sweat.

“We’ll both fuck you.” The second man’s voice was deeper, slower.

“What about me?” No, this wasn’t the first man, or even the second. It was another man. A third!

Three? I struggled to breathe, completely overwhelmed. I couldn’t release their cocks if I tried, the need to feel their pre-cum was too intense to resist. It was like a drug, making me feel frantic and desperate. I squirmed beneath their hands and cried out when the finger that was sliding in and out of my pussy, mimicking how I so desperately wanted to be fucked, pulled away.

I felt hands on my thighs pushing them wide, felt the wide crown of a cock sliding over my folds. It was the third man’s, for I still stroked the others.

“Three of us, mate.” The third man didn’t delay, but slowly sank into me, stretching me open and filling me. Deeper and deeper he went until I felt his balls nudge against my bottom, felt his hips press into mine.

I groaned, never taking a cock such as his before. He remained still, embedded deep inside me.

“I need…please…move!” I cried.

“Our mate is a bossy little thing. Even being impaled on my cock, she gives orders.”

The man was talking to the other two, not me.

“We will fuck you as you need,” he replied.

“I need you to move.”

A soft chuckle came from him. I could feel it in his body where it connected to mine.

“The seed power is intense from three men.” It was the first man’s voice. It was the only way I could tell them apart in the dark. I felt as if I were in a porno, for I had impossibly big cocks in my hands and another deep inside me. And I wanted it. Begged for it even.