Man Chaser:A Secret Baby Dark Romance

By: Alexis Angel


Man Chaser: A Secret Baby Dark Romance

She says she’s a Man Chaser. Well…they call me a Woman Tamer. Let’s see who wins, shall we?

Don’t worry. You read that line above just right. I tame women. Show them who’s boss. One night with Ethan Kane and these 8-pack abs, chiseled body and 12-inches of lust muscle hanging between my legs and they’ll do anything I damn well tell them to. So when Brittney tries to infiltrate my company to steal from me...when I see her trying to seduce me with her gorgeous curvy body and beautiful face...I know what I’m up against. And I’m not worried. At all. She thinks she can just shake that body and get me to roll over for her like a dog. She doesn’t realize that it’s going to be her that ends up on her knees as I tell her to beg. And when that happens, there’s only one question left to ask myself ... How badly does she need to be taught a lesson?

*** Come chase men with this exciting new standalone romance! No cliffhangers or cheating, but it’s a scorcher with super-steamy scenes that you’ve come to expect from Alexis Angel. Happily Ever After? Always, babe ***

This book is dedicated to Cheryl Maddox - my lovely PA. It’s dedicated also to my Naughty Angels: Cougar, Ace, Lips, Chips, Lubs, Boss, T, Cee Cee, CJ.

Also, it wouldn’t be right to forget my ARC Angels who read this and gave feedback before the book came out.




That’s the sound that Carla is making as I fuck the living daylights out of her. I raise my face to a nasty sneer and bring up a hand and slap her ass. Not hard enough to make her yelp, but just hard enough to make her fucking yelp as well as moan.

“That’s right, you like how I’m fucking you, baby?” I ask her crudely, holding onto her hips as I fuck her doggie style. I’ve got her bent over a couch and all around us looks like your average upper middle-class suburban home. Some crocheting work in the corner where the woman of the house sits. A copy of the New York Daily Journal near the Barcalounger. Giant 52” flat screen TV on the wall. Nice little fireplace going. Pictures of the family all over the place.

It’s so fucking sweet it makes me fucking sick. But that’s what makes this shot you’re watching so fucking hot.

“Yes, oh my God, yes!” Carla yells out through clenched teeth as her pussy lips wrap themselves around my thick, hard shaft. You know the size by now, babe. Ain’t no way you’re gonna turn the fucking page if I’m any smaller than 12 fucking inches. Well, I have news for you. When I’m fully engorged, I’m closer to 12 and a half fucking inches.

Think half an inch doesn’t make that much of a difference?

Watch this.

I pull back, bringing my tip near to the exit of Carla’s pussy and give her one second to catch her breath. Then I come out just a little. Enough for the big, bulbous head of my cock to exist half way. She’s whimpering. She knows what’s coming next.

And without another word, I push myself back in, in one swift stroke. She’s frothing at the lips and her fucking cunt wraps itself around me like a long lost fucking lover. She’s shaking.

“Yes, what?” I sneer. She needs to say it, goddamit. I increase my strokes.

“Yes, Daddy, it’s so fucking good!” she yells. “Please keep fucking me!”

“You’ve wanted to fuck me ever since your mother married me, haven’t you?” I ask her back, thrusting and groaning.

“Yes, Daddy. I’ve been a horny stepdaughter ever since I first saw you,” she moans. I don’t even think she knows what she’s saying anymore.

Now before you get all in a fucking huff. Let me just tell you that we’re not fucking related, okay? I want to make that clear.

Although, if you actually come within 40 feet of me, I don’t think you’d care one way or the other, babe. That’s because your clothes would already be in a fucking heap on the ground. You’d be wiggling out of your panties and spreading your legs to entice me.

I’m fucking serious. All it would seriously fucking take is for me to be in the same 50-foot radius as you.

That’s not me being fucking arrogant. That’s not me being an asshole. That’s just me telling you the fucking facts. Because there’s only one thing that my 6’ 3” body, with it’s sculpted definition that would make the Greek God Apollo fucking jealous, it’s hard-as-steel biceps, it’s broad shoulders, it’s massively defined pecs, it’s 8-pack abs, is going to do when unleashed on your body. There’s only one result when you look into my deep cobalt-blue eyes, rugged face with its strong jawline. There’s only one conclusion when you feel the strength of my muscles as they wrap around you, protect you, soothe you, and caress you. As every fiber in my body works together to fuck you, only one thing will happen.

You will fucking cum.

You’ll cum so fucking hard you’ll probably black out. You’ll be in a fucking sex haze for days. You won’t walk straight. You’ll have a deliciously sweet and good feeling of soreness that’ll make you wet just thinking about why you’re sore. You’ll lose track of fucking time. You’ll be pushed into paradise. You’ll be in orbit.