Madeleine Abducted

By: M.S. Willis

(Estate Series – Book 1)


This is a story that is not meant for the faint of heart. If you are looking for inspiration, if you are looking for light, if you are looking for something that will help you sleep and dream, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Within these pages you will find a tale typically left unsaid in polite society because of the formidable fear and striking sorrow its events evoke. It is a story about abduction, enslavement, and the moment when a life is delivered into darkness.

There is no neat and tidy ending, no white knight that rides in and delivers freedom, nor salvation — there is no escape. Like life, stories don’t always end with elegant edges.

A weak woman at one time, she fell victim to evil, disappeared on a fated night never to return to the world again … but not for the reasons you might think.

Her name is Madeleine Clark, and when she was abducted, she was not only dragged into hell ….

She took over.

Chapter One

Madeleine stared out over a sea of shadowed faces. From where she stood, the conversations between the audience members were nothing more than gentle murmurs adding white noise to the barely lit concert hall. Her stomach knotted as she paced the long white corridor between the stage and the rear practice room; her eyes flickered out through the small, square windows to the audience below. Other musicians passed her as they moved about, waiting to take their places on stage. Discordant sounds and brief glimpses of shuffling sheet music escaped the practice room door each time a musician passed through. Her head pounded and her chest constricted as she felt the time grow closer to her performance.

Deep breaths, Maddy … you can do this ….

Her long, black gown flowed around her feet like liquid onyx, shimmering in cadence with her steps, swallowing her small stature. She pulled at the high neckline and longed for the comfortable t-shirts she normally wore. The rhythmic click of her heels reminded her of a metronome keeping time with the beat of her heart. Her breath was irregular; her skin was sticky with nervous perspiration. Surprise overtook her when, suddenly, a friendly voice invaded her panic.

“I should probably remove that bow from your hands before you snap it in two.” Jeremy’s mouth curved up into a genial grin, his warm brown eyes looked down on her with a glint of humor.

She wrung her hands across the smooth wood of the bow; her fingers covered by rosin dust from the horsehair. Releasing her tight hold on the thin bow, she politely smiled in response to his jest. Jeremy reached down to take it from her hands and said, “Maddy, you’ll be extraordinary. You have nothing to worry about.” Continuing, he laughed. “You can’t hide behind the walls of a studio forever, people want to see you play.”

That was the problem. Although Madeleine didn’t mind people hearing her music, but she did not like being seen; preferring instead the protection of her studio or home, where she could remain invisible to the eyes of the world. Her voice came out in a mousy whisper, fear evident in her tone, “But I’ll feel so naked … so exposed …. ”

Her hands moved over themselves, the trapped blood looking pink within the pale white of her taut skin. Jeremy placed his hand over hers and said, “If I could remove your hands to protect them as well, I would.”

Madeleine looked up into Jeremy’s face. He was a close friend, one of her only friends. He understood her introversion and didn’t hold her lack of social skills against her. If not for her need to remain emotionally distant, she may have considered Jeremy for more than friendship. He was handsome in the most classical sense of the term: dark chestnut brown hair; eyes a shade of warm mahogany; and she knew he was tall, but at 5'2", most people were tall compared to her. Jeremy’s body was long and lean, his upper body and arms toned from the decades he’d spent mastering the violin. Standing before her in a coattail tuxedo, he exuded masculine elegance and refinement. He was friendly to a fault, a person she could rely upon to understand her and guard her secrets.

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