Maciek's Story (Haunted From Within - Book One)

By: Ian C. P. Irvine

A Mystery & Detective Paranormal Action & Adventure Medical Thriller Conspiracy

Haunted from Within :(BOOK ONE)

Part One




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Maciek’s Story: Preparation.




A knife is a beautiful thing. Precise. Gleaming. Bewitching. An object of desire. Maciek had seven knives. Five had already been used. Once each. Proving their worth and earning their place in his collection. And tonight another one would lose its virginity and join its brothers in the display case above his bed.

He had bought it in Kraków on his last visit to his mother's grave in Poland. The moment he had seen it, he had fallen in love with it and he knew, instinctively, that this would be the one. Its blade was larger than the others, the hilt more ornate, the edges thinner and sharper. When he had held it for the first time, it balanced so perfectly in his hand that somehow he felt as if he had bonded with it. He had since wondered if he had chosen the knife, or the knife had chosen him.

When he had paid the ex-army officer the bargain price of 100 zloty...twenty pounds in his new money...he knew he had got a bargain. This was not a knife you could buy anywhere today. It was better quality. Heavier. Sexier. Maciek hated the Nazis, all Poles did, but he had to admit that the SS knives were some of the best. Wonderful killing machines. Pure. Perfect.

The owner had promised him that it had never been used, insisting that it had been taken from a prisoner seventy years ago only moments before they shot him, still gleaming from the factory. The history of the knife helped add to the sexual arousal that Maciek felt whenever he held it in his hands, polishing the blade, sharpening the edge. Preparing it. Imagining the moment.


Maciek had never killed a man before. Until now, he had only ever killed women. Tonight would be his first time. It would be special. A moment that he would never forget as long as he lived.

He wanted it to be perfect. He needed it to be perfect.

Not only because men were stronger, and because potentially there was more risk, but simply because it wasn’t often in your life that you got the opportunity to do something like this for the first time. And once it was over, there would be no opportunity to repeat it. The ‘first time’ only happened 'once'. It had to be worthy of the occasion and worth savouring.


There was one little thing that worried Maciek. It had caused him to ponder and question what he was about to do and made him question the use of the knife, –not the act of killing-, but rather the choice of weapon.

He enjoyed killing. It aroused him. Knives aroused him. The combination was perfect.

What worried Maciek was whether or not he would get aroused when killing a man.

On reflection he had realised that whilst he did enjoy killing, perhaps it was not purely the killing he enjoyed, but rather the act of killing ‘women’. Each time he had done it, the sense of power, of dominance, the smell of fear from his victims,...the musk of death...he found it all intoxicating.

But when killing a man, he was not sure whether or not that was what he wanted. Maciek was not a homosexual. And it concerned him perhaps that holding and killing with the knife might arouse him.

He shook his head, blinked and focussed on the blade again. He ran the millstone along its edge one more time and listened to the whirl the action made...that slight, almost imperceptible sound that told him the blade was honed to perfection. Sharp as could be. Ready to take a life.


Maciek breathed in deeply, and he felt his pulse quicken. He felt the first signs of arousal developing within his groin.

Then he smiled.

Perhaps it may not be so bad after all. He knew he was going to enjoy it.

Chapter One

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