Mace (Cocky Cage Fighter #4)(9)

By: Lane Hart

"She's better than all those cage cunts in your harem put together and she’s…emotionally fragile,” he snaps. “I don’t care how goddamn big you are; if you lay even a fuckin’ finger on her, I will kick your ass all the way back to Durham!"

I've given the protective brother speech plenty of times, but never as ferociously as Linc. Damn. He's serious, so much so that I'm pretty sure he just threatened to boot me out of training at Havoc if I mess with his sister. Havoc is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to get good enough for an IFC contract where the real money is. I could never have afforded the fees and shit for all the one-on-one time with some of the best coaches in the country if Linc hadn't taken a chance and given me a free ride at the gym where he's half owner. The fact is, before my sister met Linc, I was fighting underground for chump change and selling weed on the side. Now that I’m training full time, I’ve given up the pit fighting and dealing. So how do I pay the bills? Well, let’s just say that all my hard work in the gym during the day pays off late at night.

“I’m fuckin’ serious, Mace,” Linc says, like I hadn't figured that shit out yet. “You were the only option for gettin’ her here, otherwise I wouldn’t even leave you in the same room with her.”

Damn, that’s harsher than a knee to my balls.

“Look, I’m not tryin’ to be an asshole,” he tells me as I silently absorb his brutal words. “But you know firsthand what it’s like to worry about your sisters gettin’ hurt by dickheads.”

“Yeah, I do,” I admit. It sucks when you realize that you can’t protect them from the world. And apparently, Linc thinks I’m one of those “dickheads.” I'll be the first to admit that monogamy has never really been my thing, but I don't fuck and run. That means I never do one-night stands. My girls get what they see with me, a good time whenever they want, but definitely not exclusively. That much is always clear up front before I sleep with them the first of many, many times. Like the song claims, if I hit once, I hit twice. Or a hundred times. What can I say? I like repeat performances. The sex is better when the girl knows exactly what I like because she’s done it a few times before.

“Good, I’m glad you understand,” Linc says. “Now get your ass on the road and be careful.”

“Will do,” I assure him, then hand the phone back to Hailey. “Ready?” I ask, figuring we need to get this road trip over with as fast as possible. The longer I’m near her without any buffers, the harder it will be to keep my hands off her. Or my mouth. I really want to put my tongue between those long, gorgeous legs; and based on her flirting and ogling, I’m pretty damn sure she wouldn’t mind spreading them for me.


After Hailey fills out all the necessary forms and shit for her luggage to be returned when found, if found, we head out to the parking lot. Sally’s chrome fender winks at us in the sunlight as we approach. I fucking love my car, a 1966 model that I rebuilt myself. It took three years and more money than I planned, but she’s finally perfect from fender to fender.

“This is me,” I tell Hailey as I unlock the trunk with the key to put her one small bag inside next to my duffle.

“Oh my God. You drive a purple Mustang convertible?” Hailey asks and then slaps a hand over her mouth, trying to muffle her sudden outburst of giggles. My body instantly reacts to the sweet sound like it’s a light, playful stroke grazing my cock. The tickling sensation even makes its way up through my lower belly, making me cough up my own laugh before she says, “Only an uber-masculine guy can pull off a freakin’ purple convertible.”

“I don’t just pull it off,” I tell her as I open the passenger door for her, and then whip out my dark shades from my jean pocket to slide them on my face. “I make it look damn good.” With my eyes hidden, I take the opportunity to dive head first into the deep end of all that luscious cleavage. I’m pretty sure I could drown in between her perfect tits. My dick is begging to take his own dip. I wanna lick ‘em, suck ‘em, get ‘em nice and wet before I fuck ‘em. I shake the lyrics and the erotic fantasy out of my head. “So, are you ready to ride my pony or what, sweetheart?” I ask, intentionally heavy on the innuendo when she continues to stand frozen in front of me.